Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just now, with cat

 Haven't been too active on the creative front.

I did however decide to unravel a shawl my mother made many years ago.
I opted for unravelling, because the moths had made at least two holes in it.
So I started unravelling, but then the kitty thought the unravelling looked really funny, 
and wanted to join in.
- and that is what you see on the picture below.
Couldn't get a picture of her lying still, because she was so excited.
In the end, I confess, I did push her off it - I had work to do after all.

I have started knitting a new shawl already, 
but the wire fell out of the socket (If it is called that).
 Which is a bit annoying, though I have been expecting it.

So I need to buy a new wire soon.
Also decided to buy yarn for a new hetty cardigan. Probably in blue again. 

Now, I will make some more tea, find the kitty and bother her a bit;) (give her a hug), 
and knit a bit to a movie or something.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Crocheted bag alla Attic24

 I was in need of a project, as I often am.
- and had looked at Lucy's crocheted bag here some time ago, and made a mental note.
I looked through my yarn stash, and found several small bundles of yarn + several assorted balls of yarn in green and blue colours.
Perfect for lucy's bag I thought.

So I started out.
As you can see in the picture, it is not even in colours, because for the bottom I used scraps of yarn, and  for the body I used actual balls of yarn from my stash.
Not the most perfect result, but I still like it.

I made the mistakes of moving the place I joined the yarn, when going from the bottom to the body of the bag. Which isn't overly pretty, but it is in the side, so you don't actually see it.
The perfectionist in me, now, wish that I had unravelled it, and started again.
How could I make something imperfect, and let it leave my hands! -Darn.

Anyways, I made it for my mom, so she got it now...

It is the weekend, hurrah. Only I am not excited.
I got far too much I ought to do, but which I really don't wanna do.
-When is it not like that?!
So I will be using to today, trying to pull myself together.
Am also feeling bad about all the unhealthy things I have eaten the last few days.
Again a very normal thing for me.

I can promise, that I will drink masses of tea and pet my cat.
But that is about it, no more promises from me.

I am off, to drink tea, and watch a bit of TV or a film.
Maybe a happy ending will help my mood along a bit:)


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cross stitch iphone case

Looked at tons of iphone cases at etsy, but couldn't find the perfect one.
So the solution was to get a cross stitch case.

First off I just put it on and forgot about it.

But after some time, I was in need of a project, and remembered this one.
So I searched for birds, the tit in particular, on pinterest.
Found the one on the picture below.
I drew it because it was over 2 pictures, and I wanted to make it, without having to look at my computer screen.
Actually drew it about 3 times because I kept making mistakes. 
In the end I got it right.

At first I did cross stitching ( 3 strands), but the threads kept breaking, as well as the needles.
Then I decided on making a single stitch ( 6 strands) instead. 
The treads still broke once in a while, and the needles, but it went a lot better.

Changed the design a little bit, so not an axact copy. 
Anyays, the result you see below.

Did consider covering the whole thing in stitches, but I think it would look a bit odd, because if you look at the case, it is not completely pierced at the edges- so I don't think it would look so good...

Not completely fond of the result. Really was planning to cover it all with stitches. So a bit dissapointed with the piercing of the case.nBut it was the only case I could get my hands on.
Better than nothing I suppose..

I might just do something to the background. Not filling it completely out, but adding something so it is not so emty.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Just now

Working on dishcloths for my mother, 
also finally found the pattern I wanna use for the doilies I am making for my parents, 
well my mother I should say. Don't think my father is much excited by new doilies!

Have made 3 dishcloths so far, the rest of the yarn lies in that plastic bag you can see, 
so got some more to make.

The branches (forsythia) are from my parents garden, they are just starting to bloom:)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Just now

 Have been neglecting the creative for some time now.
But, I have been doing a tiny little bit, or at least trying with the doily below.
Have been trying to find the perfect doily pattern you see.
It has almost completely eluded me.
I have tried maybe 7 different kinds, but either they are too big or too small for the yarn.
Very annoying.
Have been browsing pinterest and ravelry, and almost found a perfect pattern, 
but I am not completely satisfied I am afraid.


Also, last night I finally started on my blue cardigan again.

I started around the new year and just speeded a head, until I reached the sleeve after a few days
Because I didn't quite understand the description in the pattern so I had to just try my own thing.
The pattern is this one, by Andi Satterlund.
Well, and then I just stopped.
Annd then I took it up again last night.
And guess what, I ended unravelling what I was doing more than once;)
A mixture of doing it wrong, and doing it correct but not liking it.
I am not completely satisfied actually, but I will try and go with it.


Been working hard on a school assignment, not completely done, but needed a breather.
So I have been sleeping a lot he last few days, and to tell you the truth, I just wanna sleep now again.

I will however make an other cup of tea, and try and stay awake - yawn.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Crochet covered hangers

 Many years ago I decided to paint my parents wooden hangers, only I never finished the job.
Which left my parents with some half done ugly hangers.

Then at some point 2014, I decided it was time to finish the job.
Only with yarn this time
In September I had finished 6 hangers, you can see the post here.
Slowly I crocheted some more, for the 12 last hangers.
In the end I got there, and it was time to sew them on.

Above you see the 12 finished covers. Finished them in October.
I think I made them 13 chains wide, which I was convinced was enough.
But eventually, sewing them on, left me feeling it was not perfect.
I had to stretch them a bit to much, which wasn't pretty.


Starting to unravel them all again.

 So nothing else to do, but to unravel.
Something I do very often.
I hope I get just a tad more clever every time, at least that is what I tell myself!

So I started making them again.
This time 14-15 chains wide, 
depending on whether it was cotton yarn that was slightly ticker than the mixed yarn I also used.
The length varied a bit also depending on the yarn I used.
 Around 26 coloured row. Where I did 2 rows per colour before changing.

It dragged on a bit, but with a bit more of my patience, I managed to finish them.
I do love a finished project:)

Above you see the 12 finished hangers.
Love the colours:)


Making a large assignment for school at the moment.
Read a lot of chapters in different books, am now at the writing part.
Just how do you boil down all of that knowlegde down to 5 pages?!
At least I am actually working on it now. Had several days where I couldn't get anything done.
So hopefully I will get a lot of work done the next few days:)

Now I just have to get into the groove of doing something creative!
I have been neclecting that as well you see..

Oh, and got up at 8 this morning, complete victory
- trying out a new app, called "If u can sleep"
Fingers crossed for tomorrow:)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Guest towels and dishcloths

Many years ago now, I managed to ruin most of my parents white guest towels.
- by way of a natural face mask made at a girls night.
I have felt bad about it for ages, so when I decided that some left over cotton yarn could become guest towels, I was pleased.

I decided it was to be a Christmas present for my parents 2014.

First I searched on Ravelry and found this pattern from Drops.
I used cotton yarn from my stash. Some of it leftover from a blanket I made.

I also made some some dishcloths, since the ones I made for my father for his birthday earlier in the year was quite the success. You can see the post here, where I explain more in detail about them.


Only 3½ day till a big assignment is to be handed in, and I haven't started writting yet. 
Why, because it is going to be an awfull assigment from my hands.
I haven't got enough material, because the books I reserved at the library haven't arrived, and I havn't got any first hand sourcess.
I can postpone it forever, so at some point, I MUST start. Damn.

I used the last 2-3 days or so doing a bag alla attic 24. It came out rather well, will show you later.
It was way more fun to do than the assigment;)
Now it os done however, and I haven't got an excuse anymore. 
So I am of course looking for a new project:)

I will search a bit more, and postpone the assignment a bit more, and drink lots of tea.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Just now, with cat pictures

Hi, how are you doing?

 What is better than a box of yarn?

 Than a schoolbag, that is.


I just realised I didn't post the last post I wrote, but deleted it.
I will write it again later, right now I am sitting at an other computer.
So instead you get two pictures of my little cat.
Right now she is lying on a stool besides me, while I sit here and write, and watch "Food unwrapped"
Really cozy:)
Oh, and drinking tea - of course, not to forget.

Happy weekend!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Lace scarf for my mother

I originally made this for my mother for her birthday in November.
When I took it out of my drawer in October to block it however, the moths had been at it!
Oh horror:(

I completely gave up, and we ended up finding something else to give her.

I did however show it to my mother because I was so bummed out about it, and she said I should save it instead of unravelling it. Which I was pretty close to doing (unravelling it), to get the thing out of my sight.
So I saved it.
Then later, I decided to try to save the scarf by shortening it at the beginning 
( that is where the hole was), while watching a Christmas movie, as I recall;)
I tried and I tried.
Anyways - I actually succeeded!
Big hurrah!

Then at some point in December, I blocked it.
What a result.
I really had no idea the result would be so different from the scarf before blocked.

So it became my mothers Christmas gift.


Managed to ruin my sleeping pattern a bit, by taking naps during the day.
My bed just looks so soft, and the kitty is purring plus my mood is not so good.
=> brilliant solution - taking a nap.
Of course in hindsight not so brilliant, but is sure does feel good just before you fall asleep;)

I have a large assignment to do for school the next 2 weeks. (I take history on high school level)
So hopefully I will get a sudden urge to read a lot, very soon, I hope...

Currently working on a teacozy, some dishloths and a cardigan.
 Though not really feeling much like any of it at the moment. 

 Working on the teacozy with the kitty lying in front of me - on my spiral calender as it happens.
They got some funny ideas those pets..

Happy weekend when you get to it!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Knitted Christmas balls /baubles

I know Christmas is over, 
but because I gave most of the following away, I couldn't show you till now.
Here is some with lots of different colours I made back in 2012.

Last year I got a sudden urge to do some more, 
just in more traditional Christmas colours.
 I ended up doing 14 in all.
First I did 2 in purple colours because I hadn't been out to buy new yarn, 
and I just had to knit some right away.  Here you can see them.

Below you can see the 12 in red and white colours I made.


They are of course knitted after the fantastic knitting book, 
Which I absolutely love:)

In the book they have chosen to finish them with a crocheted string,
 instead I added some beads and some ribbon.



Most of them I gave away, except 3 which I kept.

They looked really nice on the Christmas tree:)

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Projects anno 2014

Time for a look back  through 2014 to see what I have been doing:)

 Some coat hangers was made for my parents.
 Mats was made for my mother.

Guesttowels, for gifts.
I made most of them for gifts (crochetted ones), except one knitted one for me.
I already have several myself, that I have knittted through the years.

 Crocheted dishcloths for gifts.
Now I just need to make some for myself - already bought the yarn for it, and started on one.

 Pencilholders for my mother.
 2 pairs of legwarmers for me, and one for my mother.
In cable, of course.

A top (that I have finished now), a lace scarf for my mother, 6 tablemats, a pair of wristwarmers with short fingers as a gift, a red shawl for me, and a necklace as gift.


One for me, and one for my parents.

 Birds, flowers and coasters in hama beads.

Lots of flowers, and a few birds:)
 Water colours.
I haven't done water colours for years and years.
But 2014 I thought I would give it a go, I had all of the materials afterall.(except thin brushes)
I found it really interesting, but rather difficult.
Look forward to trying it again here in 2015.
Mostly bird drawings.
I hope much more drawing will be done in 2015.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas, my absolute favourite time of year, has now passed.

It have been some good days I must say.
I was really busy preparing everything, but it was fun:)

Christmas presents ready.

The Christmas table.

Our Christmas tree.

We always get a normannsgran Christmas tree (Abies nordmanniana).
We use candles on the tree, as you can see.
 Our Christmas tree is filled with lots of different kinds of decorations.
Christmas baubles, stars, angels and lots of nisser (elfs).

I haven't actually got a picture of the tree in full, because it is rather tall.
I think we settled on 3 m and 20 cm, or maybe more...
Luckily we got masses of Christmas tree decorations;)

Anyways, I hope you had a good one.

I will be back soon with a review of 2014 in projects.