Sunday, 23 November 2014

Jars covered with crochet

My mother has gotten a new desk and a new office space at home.
I felt some sprucing up was in order.
Therefore I made these jars for pencils for her

I made some earlier for her workspace at her job, which you can see here.

They are crocheted in stripes to fit the different jars.
Then I crocheted some flowers, which I sewed in the ends of, and then glued on with a glue gun.


Christmas is drawing near. 

I have already made the first batch of Christmas cookies (Pebernødder, with orange zest for a twist).
Helped my mom unpack her Christmas decorations, she got a whole lot.
Made Christmas cards for my parents to send out.
Made a Christmas present or two.
Annndd I have watched a ton of Christmas movies.

Now, I am back home after a weekend at my parents,
 my cat is lying beside me, and I think I need one last cup of tea before bed.

I only have 2 projects in the works at the moment.
A shawl with different reds, that  I still have a way to go on, and a secret project.
Okay not so secret,  since I had my brother try on the wrist warmers I am making for him,
to make sure they fit...Which reminds me, I have to unravel ½ of them because they aren't totally perfect. Oh well. Business as usual. 
Anyways, I hope you had a good weekend:)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Red Christmas balls with beaded ribbons

 My mothers birthday was yesterday.

Originally we (my brother and I) had planned to give her a scarf I knitted,
 (only the moths ruined that), and some other stuff.
That killed that idea, so we had to come up with something else.
Which proved rather troublesome actually.

Anyways, we ended up settling on a carving board.
 I still wanted to give her something homemade.
So I found some small red Christmas balls in my local grocery store.
Which I spruced up by adding beads.
 I decided, or rather ended up, making 8 with beads sewn onto their ribbons.

I mixed some red and pink beads I had, and used some red sewing thread, and a needle for beads.
First I wanted to use a wide ribbon, but after a test, which didn't turn out too good,
 I settled on a slimmer version.
Below you see the result.


I have been tidying up like crazy.
Emtying out and sorting through.
Drinking loads of tea through out, of course.
I do love order:)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Purple knitted Christmas balls

I have been knitting away.
Suddenly felt like knitting some Christmas balls again.
Last time I did that, was when I was at the hospital in 2012.
Here are some pictures of some of them.

I decided on making some Christmas balls, but really only had some purple yarn.
So purple Christmas balls it was.

They are made after patterns from this book:

It is one of my absolute favourite knitting books.
Small easy projects, that will at the same time challenge you with the motifs.
Absolutely perfect!

I have since gotten some white and red yarn to make more traditional Christmas balls.


Happy November

Monday, 10 November 2014

Hama bead coasters for my brother

 My brother turned 28 the 5th of november.
That means a gift was needed.
Then we must remember we are talking about me here.
So of course it got to be homemade.
Poor fellow;)
Anyways, I decided on making some coasters of hama beads.
I made 8 pieces.
Below you see the result.

It should be said that he got 8 different beers as well;)
To sorta soften him up a bit.

Have made homework all day, hoping I am on a roll.

Happy monday to you:)

Monday, 3 November 2014

Perfect fleamarket finds

A couple of weekends ago I got some really good finds. 
Mostly at two different flea markets.
Below is the result of my spending spree.

 Went to the local flea market where I found a book about salads and a book about mythology.
Then I went to the local Netto to grocery shop, and found a knitting book I remember seeing a real nice cardigan in, absolutely perfect.

 Went to a large flea market with my mom and dad, and found lots of good things!

 Two pretty English plates.
 A cookie tin, with beautiful birds on it, just me.
I have been looking for the perfect teapot for some time, and found this English teapot.
 Crystal drops, which I am going to use as Christmas decorations.
 A sweet plant pot.
One of Emma Bridgewaters tins with birds. Again just me. I am rather fond of birds you see.


I am definitely at a good a level mood wise at the moment.
Which is rather nice.
I do love the autumn, and Christmas isn't far away.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Ruined green scarf

I made this scarf for my mothers birthday.
I did it early so I didn't have rush just before her birthday.
Today the time had come for me to wash and block the scarf . 
It has been lying in a drawer for some months now.

Today I grabbed the scarf, which I 2 days ago put into a plastic bag, in order to safe it from my moth invasion. It seems I was too late however.
I rolled the scarf out and, alas, as you can see on the picture below, some strings had broken.
A vicious attack from my moth invasion!
Damn you!

 It is on the edge as you see on the picture, I simply do not have the skill to fix it nicely.
Can't even shorten the scarf, because it is at the start of the scarf, not the end.
Again I have no idea how to fix it.

It was going to be such a nice scarf, blocked and all.
I am not even mad, I am just sad.
Hopeless more like it. Will I ever get rid of those damn moths!?

I sincerely hope you haven't got moths sneaking around, being mean and ruining you stuff!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hama bead birds

 I have for some time been wanting to try and make some birds of hama beads.
The other day I finally bought some bigger pegboards, so I could try it out.

The picture below shows the first bird I made, after a embroidery pattern found on pinterest.
Here is the link from pinterest.
The tail is a bit too thin I thought, so I wanted to make some bigger ones.

Then I tried making one bigger, by simply doubling up from the pattern.
Didn't get the best result, though. You can see it on the last two photos.

Then, I decided to try out a different pattern I found also on pinterest.
With an even bigger bird, which you can see in the make, on the pictures below.
Here is the link from pinterest
I liked the result of this one.

 Took over 2 hours doing this one.

 As you can see I used two different patterns, 
and I definitely prefer the bigger one, much more detail in it.

Here they are up hanging, they kept moving, so haven't got a good picture of them.

All in all I liked it, and will probably make some more at some point. 
These ones went to my mum, and are now hanging in my parents hallway.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Attack of the moths

I have a continual fight against moth.
They have invaded me, and are not keen on moving on.
I have tidied and cleaned and sprayed with insect spray.
Yet they keep on going.
I am getting pretty fed up with them to tell you the truth!

The long wristwarmers below are the latest casualty.
Bloody hell!
I really liked those!


I wont mend them, it wouldn't be pretty.
So I guess I will unravel them and use them for something else.
I can't make myself do it quite yet. They were a lot of work, and fitted perfectly.


Actually there were two pairs of wristwarmers that was ruined.
The other pair is the one below, some of the first I ever did.
They are rather crude, and some yarn are sticking out.
Those are just going in the bin
Havn't used them for years you see.

I really, really hope the moths wont ruin anymore knitting projects!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Bird painting

 Wanted to try and paint some birds, so I found a small canvas to practise on.
It is 30 x30 cm.
The background is inspired by fair isle knitting patterns.
I have painted the birds after 2 danish ornithology books I have from fleamarkets.

 In the works


It is a Great tit, a Willow tit and a Western yellow wagtail.

I rather like the result . I might hang it in the kitchen I think.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


 New books!
Reading "Bad Karma" at the moment.

Have you read a good book lately?

Visited a fleamarket with my best friend and my parents:

 Some of my favorite magazines.
To look through and to cut out for collages and such later.

 4 english plates.

 Some fabric samples.


Went into town yesterday, had a meeting with the municipality to go to.

Had a slight altercation with a mom and her pram because I neglected to move from a spot, where it said - "no prams". Completely threw me off. Thank goodness I had some extra medicine on me!

Anyways, when I go shopping it is normally for creative materials.
This time, some yarn as seen below, and some different glass and ceramic beads, from "søstrene grene" and "Panduro". The red beads are going to be put on strings for Christmas ornaments.

This weekend I am going to another big fleamarket in Copenhagen.
Looking forward to it:)

Friday, 3 October 2014

Gift for my best friend

My best friend just finised her masters and turned 25 some days after.
That calls for gifts. 

Homemade ones, because she is such a one who I know will appreciate it.


Graduation gift:
I decided to make a diary/notebook for her as a gift for her graduation, 
plus a flower bouquet I bought on the way to see her.
 It is painted with acrylic paint.

I gave the book too many layers, too quickly of the base paint, so the notebook has gone a bit loop sided. Also I got paint on the sides, so I decided I would just paint them. Didn't think it quite through, because the paper absorbed more of the paint/ink I used, than what was pretty.
Lessons learned.

A great tit and  marguerite daisies

A white pansy and a daffodil.

Birthday gift:
Something practical.
She lives at a "kollegie" (sorta like a dorm house), 
but hopefully she will soon have a place of her own.

4 dishcloths and a guest towel, in red and purple colours and cotton yarn, and some bookmarks

Crocheted dishcloths.
The bright salmon coloured dishcloth is bigger than the rest, because the yarn for some reason was thicker than the others. (I used the same brand, but bought at different times)
Used a stitchs from a pattern dictionary.

Crocheted guest towel in red and purple colours.
Used this pattern fron Drops.
Hopefully she will now have time to read normal books again.


Yeah it is weekend now.
I hope you will have a good one:)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Legwarmers for mom

  My notes, and the cable I used. 

The cable design is from a free sock pattern on ravelry.
The yarn is a wool mixture, not my favourite yarn to use.
Used 4 balls of yarn for the two legwarmers.
They are a bit wider in the second half, 8 sts wider on each to be exact.
I added the stitches to the purl stitches in between the cables.
I don't remember how long they are ( I gave them to my mom some time ago),
but they are above the knee.


Things are going sorta okay, it varies.
I sleep a lot.
Haven't managed to gain much momentum to do anything sensible.
My dad came by today however, and helped taking the humongous bunch of pots and pans and etc. that have been sitting on my kitchen counter for ages. 
Thank you dad.

Am by guarantee going to school Thursday, the first time for a couple of weeks I think.
Again, because of my dads help. I simply can't do it by myself.
A mixture of anxiety, low self esteem and hopelessness I suppose.
I really don't wanna go.

 I think it is time for another cup of tea to raise the mood.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Crocheted hangers

Many years ago now, I decided to paint all of my parents ugly wooden hangers.
I didn't get very far however - as you can see on the picture above. 
So now I feel rather bound to actually finish them somehow.
The solution is to cover them with crochet.
I only want to use leftover yarn, cotton.
(Soon I will get even more, when I at some point in the distant future, finish a secret project.)

Until then I have managed to finish 6 hangers.

They are 14 chains wide and 23 coloured rows long.

What I am left with, are lots of ends to sew in. Which at first overwhelmed me.
But then I realised I could use some of the ends to sew the crochet around the hanger, and the rest of the ends I simply stuffed into the hanger when I got to them. If that makes any sense.

The result is as you see below.
Very cheerful if you ask me. A bit of a shame they will just be in a closet.


I have finally gotten some more yarn for my secret project, and have unravelled most of what I had actually done. A bit annoying it was necessary, but I have only myself to thank for that.


Now I will drink another cup of tea, and hopefully gain enough momentum to do something sensible.

I have a rather enormous amount of dirty dishes waiting for me. Then there is the matter of clean clothes, a general tidy would be good, oh, and all of the homework I have been neglecting to do the last couple of weeks.

Maybe I need several cups of tea now I think about it..