Friday, 27 February 2009

wreaths and stars

I just found a lot of pressed leaves.. 
I have used them as tabledecoration at a birthday. 
I have tried to glue them on to a card.. but that didn't work out well.
Then I decided to try and make a wreath.
 And the pictures shows the result.. 
They did not get amacingly well, but at least, now I have tried.

Just a warning for everybody who might be going around thinking they should use a gluegun 
(I do not know the word for it in english), please do take care - They a quite vicious. ;) 

I have been in a star-making-mood... stars everywhere.
 I find that I rarely have the energy to make christmas ornaments in December. 
So instead I am in the mood now.
The stars are in white, gold, red, blue and pink. 
I am going to make a large bunch - or as many as I want to ( it does take some time to make them), and then I think I might put them unto a red string or something.. I will have to see later.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Jeg er ret alsidig når det kommer til det kreative.
Jeg gør (næsten) det hele.

-strikning - maling
-syning - kortlavning
-broderi - bagning
-tegning - perlebroderi

Bare kom an.

Mit mål for det næste stykke tid er selvfølgelig at få lagt billeder ind af mine projekter. nok også nogen af mine gamle så jeg kan få lidt overblik.