Friday, 27 February 2009

wreaths and stars

I just found a lot of pressed leaves.. 
I have used them as tabledecoration at a birthday. 
I have tried to glue them on to a card.. but that didn't work out well.
Then I decided to try and make a wreath.
 And the pictures shows the result.. 
They did not get amacingly well, but at least, now I have tried.

Just a warning for everybody who might be going around thinking they should use a gluegun 
(I do not know the word for it in english), please do take care - They a quite vicious. ;) 

I have been in a star-making-mood... stars everywhere.
 I find that I rarely have the energy to make christmas ornaments in December. 
So instead I am in the mood now.
The stars are in white, gold, red, blue and pink. 
I am going to make a large bunch - or as many as I want to ( it does take some time to make them), and then I think I might put them unto a red string or something.. I will have to see later.

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