Sunday, 8 March 2009

Currently I am working on a couple of projects.
I am making a scarf for my father, very subtle - not too "homemade"
Knitting a couple of grey mittens for my mother, whit green and pink fishes on them.
Knitting some red napkins - it will be no more than 5 though out of 2 skeins.. that bothers me a bit.
Knitting some guesttowels for.. well haven't decided yet.
Then my biggest project, is a blanket for myself.. And oh that has certainly been a big project.. I think I have been working on it for over 3 years! of course In those 3 years I actually did almost finish the blanket, only to realise that I didn't like it and wantet to knit it some other way.

My Grandmother has sadly, just died.

That of course makes one think all kinds of stuff.
But my father told me that my grandmother used to say: "one can do exactly what one whishes to do" - And this, I will make sure to remember.

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