Thursday, 26 March 2009

Everything depends on my mood. Which is very sad , but that is none the less how I function as it is.

I have been working on some napkin rings. They are knitted in goldcoloured wire, with 7 stiches, and I make them so they fit around a papernapkin.
-i was thinking of making 20, but I guess it depends on how many I can make out of one roll of wire. It is pretty hard on the body in general, so I take a lot of breaks.

I actuallt have a lot of problems with my body - my shoulders, my neck, my upper and lower arm, my wrists and fingers.. My body does not agree with me when it comes to how much I ought to knit, draw or whatever. - there is probably several of you who feel the same way!
I have ALMOST made a promisse to myself that I should start on doing some yoga to prevent myself from really hurting...But I am just not the quickest in the bunch to, well, do anything.

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