Tuesday, 28 April 2009

crappy work

Damn I am mad!!!!
I have been working on these mittens with fish knittet on them... Guess what.. just finished them...
annnddd they are ALLL Wrong!!!! HATE IT!
I have apparently made the thumbs up too hight on the hand... so now I have to pull it all up - again.. and maybe I'll do them again...
This is something that can really drain you for energy! :(

I hope you have better luck with your projects! - or just that you are more skilled than me!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

napkin rings

Another project finished!.. 
well, plan to make more, but at least I am finished with the first batch.
The napkinrings which are made out of metal thread, were rather hard to do for the hands, but the ones made out of beads, is actually suprisingly easy. 
- When I do not make some idiotic knot on the thread so I have to start all over again,
 and again.. anndd again.

When to a tea room called "la glace" in Copenhagen with my brother today.
 It is one of the eldest tea rooms in Denmark. It is situatet in the original building, and is very charming. 
- And then they of course make killer cakes!

Monday, 13 April 2009


A pillowcase I made last year.
Just plain blue fabric and sewingthread - and then I just started, and came up with this.

Here is a example of embroidery made I guess about the 70's or later.
I found them in or garage on the floor, and simply fell in love. I must say, the colours are not my favorites, but think of all time someone used to make them!

I have also made 2 pillowcases, embroderied with beads- I will post pictures of them later.

If any of you have grandparent who likes to save old things, they might have old pilowcases with their initials embrodiered onto them, and old handmade tablecloths! Amazing!

preparing for christmas

Tiny stars, and beautifull ribbon!
The one with gold and white, is for my mother, and the red and white is for myself.
can't wait for christmas!

My worktable... it easily get very crowded!

I have now, finally finished one of my projects! yeah! something I can cross off my list.
I do have plans to work a bit more like this. still have a lot of stars left anyway.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

guest towels - done ( my fathers birthday is in a week, guess what he is getting)
grey mittens with fishes - are almost done ( still need to make the thumbs)

I have started on some green mittens with fishes - done with the first mitten

I have bought the most amazing knitting book - I feel almost sick to get started right away. 
But I have made a promisse to myself that I need to finish some of my projects before starting on new ones.
- it is not going that well. 
I have startet to make some napkinrings in different styles, and then I am experimenting with cards.

I am dreaming of starting on some embrodiery... but it will have to wait