Monday, 29 June 2009

A beautifull bunch of flowers from my parents garden.
I absolutely love to pick flowers.
When I am home at my parents I always pick several bunches of flowers to put around the house. Sadly my mother is very allegic to any perfumed flowers,
 so that does narrow down the diferent types of flowers I can actually bring inside the house.

A picture of my kitting basket. 
Currently there is a scarf (blueish with purple edging), 
a couple of legwarmers ( light blue/green colour), 
and an other pair of legwarmers ( greyish, they are the one in the front of the basket).
I have also made 2 potholders out of leftover yarn.

I am not in a very good mood at the time..
 I really have to take one thing at a time..
 so everything is in slowmotion.

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