Friday, 5 June 2009


So, this is a scarf I have been working on for a loonnngg time.
First I knitted it in a diffrent version..
which I wasen't satisfied with when I finished it.. so I pulled it up.
There is no point in having something if you won't use it!!

This is a blanket I have been working on for... at least 4 years!
I am kinda tirred of it!
As the story of many things I do, I actually did finish this blanket,
but where I had knitted it in squares, and with a white croquet square around each square..

The point of the blanket is to try as many patterns as possible..
 not really hard patterns, but rather easy, so that I get some experience.

Now I am knitting it in long stribes...
sadly, I am only halfway.. but at some point, in a couple years ;) I might just finish it.

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