Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Horatio the cat

This is the adorable cat - Horatio, that I live with - besides my cousin and his girlfriend (it is her cat). The buttom picture is of Horatio and me knitting. 
He is still very young, so it has alot of energy sometimes!..
He tries jumping out of the windows, which is rather annoying really.. 
And it has some major sharp teeths and nails!

Monday, 24 August 2009


Tonight I decided to get some drawing done. 
This is the result.. 
I draw them from botanic books, some old and some fra the 70's..
 It is my way to practise my drawing skill, and then I can use it, because I make them on cards...
 I like there to be a purpose with what I do, so I do't have to discard them after some time!

Sunday, 23 August 2009


I am working on my next tattoo...
I must admit that I got really dizzy when I had my first tattoo done.. so I am a bit nervous! But luckily I first have to figure out the design, and then get the money for it.. so.. 3 years;)

I have decided to make it of apple blossoms and dandelions, because there is a H.C. Andersen story wich tell about a young girl who is gathering flowers.
First she takes an applebranch, and the applebranch is so pround, it believes there is nothing as pretty as it! It truly petties the dandelions, because no one will gather them, to admire them! It feels utterly suppirior, and feels that it has the right to feel so. But then the applebrach notises that the sun shines on them all. The weeds as well as the appletree. To the Applebranch almost horror, it then sees the girl bringing a fully bloomed dandelion with such care, as the applebranch was never carried. Afterward they both decorate the room in the same vase, and the applebrach continues to be shone apun, as much as the dandelion.

Isn't that a lovely story?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

failed project

This is sadly, one of my failed project! I was going to embroid severel cornets with squares of different pink/redish coloured embroiderythread... But as you can see, the cornets just didn't hold for it! Damn it! It would have looked SO good..


Two drawing I have made in the evening/night when I haven't been able to fall asleep.
 I have work further more on the last drawing... 
but I think I ruined it.. so here you see it post ruining!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


One of my projects right now.. 
working on some new napkinrings...
 but I am having trouble ajusting the pattern so it fits properly..

Sadly I am at the moment, rather depressed. 
So anything is really too much for me right now.
I moved, in the weekend, so I also need to calm down a bit I guess... 
I hoping to get a bigger dosis of medicin than what I am taking now,
and I am considering to maybe sign up for some yoga with a private instructor... 
It really is boring to be sad!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Not feeling too well... Finally moved into my new place - at my cousin's in Copenhagen. But now when all of the moving is done, I feel emty... I can't even pull myself together to do anything creative!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


So, I have been taking some pictures of the various embroidered things there are to be found in my mother and fathers house.

The picture above is of a chair made by my grandmother on my fathers side ( the embroidery not the carpentry!)

On this picture you see 4 pillows,
 all I believe, made by my grandmother on my fathers side of the family.

This one, is made by me. 
It was a gift for my mother last year. 
It is freeform bead-embroidery.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

This is a picture of the cardigan I have just startet to knit.
It is from a danish craftmagazine from 1979.
The yarn I am using is "mayflower" and consits of 50% superwash and 50% acryl microfibre.

This, is a lamp I have bought from: bulbs-unlimited.com. I think it is so cool, unfortunately one of the bulbs cracked when we assembled it..But my dad has glued it together, so I hope you cant see it when it is turned on.

This is me, taking over my mother and dads livingroom:)

Friday, 7 August 2009


One day I suddenly remembered that I used to collect napkins.
 So down I went to the basement, to find these napkins!
I have though found out, that it is not so easy to make decoupage, but i have done my best, and I am fairly satisfied with the result.


Some time ago, I finally decided to give my aunt and uncle their silver weddingpresent.
I did almost make one when they celebrated their silver wedding in Feburary, but somehow everything went wrong. 
So 4 month after I decided it was time to try again.
The gift consist of homemade coffecaramels and a new cool tinned box.

I could not help stop myself for eating several "failed caramels" while I was packing them. :)