Sunday, 23 August 2009


I am working on my next tattoo...
I must admit that I got really dizzy when I had my first tattoo done.. so I am a bit nervous! But luckily I first have to figure out the design, and then get the money for it.. so.. 3 years;)

I have decided to make it of apple blossoms and dandelions, because there is a H.C. Andersen story wich tell about a young girl who is gathering flowers.
First she takes an applebranch, and the applebranch is so pround, it believes there is nothing as pretty as it! It truly petties the dandelions, because no one will gather them, to admire them! It feels utterly suppirior, and feels that it has the right to feel so. But then the applebrach notises that the sun shines on them all. The weeds as well as the appletree. To the Applebranch almost horror, it then sees the girl bringing a fully bloomed dandelion with such care, as the applebranch was never carried. Afterward they both decorate the room in the same vase, and the applebrach continues to be shone apun, as much as the dandelion.

Isn't that a lovely story?

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  1. I dont' know about the tattoo, but this would make a lovely embroidery design ;-)