Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Student halls

So, just been out at my brothers eating.

He lives at a student hall outside Copenhagen, and he has lived there the last 4 years, so I guess he is pretty happy about it.

I used to live at a studenthall, and well, that was just horrible!

A "student hall" in Denmark means:
Buildings with,
single rooms, with (mostly) own bath and toilet.
A shared kitchen.
Though the seizes vary, and some have own kitchen as well.
The prices also waries a lot, depending on seize and wether there is a kitchen with the room or not.

The difference it, that my brother loves it - and I hated it!

Living in a Student Hall was for me, a bad experience,
but I know plenty who are really happy about it.

Life is not all bad, but it certainly is hard

Monday, 28 September 2009

too late

This is a gift for one of my old friends from school.
Her birthday was the 26th of septemper, and I feel really bad,
because I neglected to contact her on the day!
Then I decided to send her,a gift,
I hope she will like it!


Leaf - embroidery! Think it is going to be awsome.. but a bit of work I think..

This embroidery, is finally done! It measures 15 x 8,5 cm (5,9 x 3,3 inches).
I do not know what I am to do with it yet... But I just felt like doing some embroidery

My new boots from "Vagabond"- I think they look absolutely wonderfull!
Remind me of the 1800's - and of course all of my favorite movies such as "pride and Prejudice".
I bought them while out shopping with my mother...
I bought these for 800 kr ( 160 USD), so I am satisfied.
Though I am rather counting on the leather to expand so that I can wear a thick sock in the wintertime.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

- Creativity in general
- Flowers, especially in a bouquet! Not roses, but more all kinds of different flowers - they all make me smile
- Cats
- To be well dressed
- Tea on a rainy day
- To make, and plan things for others
- yarn in general
- impressionist art
- "Pride and Prejudice"
- Vintage and old keepsakes
- Retro things
- Old botanic books
- To finish a project!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

2 projects

This is the two embroideries I am working at, at the moment.
The top one is simply green and blue colours.
The buttom ones are a leaf pattern.. I am not sure about the colour combination yet.

This is a picture of the mitten up close..

Finally done with ONE mitten! The one on the right...
The left one, was my firt try, but as you might see, it is much more tight in the knitting!
But that is what happens when you put down the knitting for some time...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I watch quite a lot of tv... not too proud of it, but that is simply how it is.

Monday - Friday
14 - 15 : Grand designs
17 - 18 : NCSI
18 - 19 : Nigella
19 - 20 : Miami ink

Besides from that:
I follow a show once a week where they talk about economic - and getting families back on track.
I watch "Bones"
I watch "Barnaby"
I watched "The mentalist" when it was on
I often watch "CSI", "CSI miami" and "Criminal Minds"
Sometimes I also watch a bit of "Scrubs" or "House"

As you can see, I use a lot of my time, infront of the televison..

But almost allways, I sit and work on my projects while I watch TV. Either is too boring without the other.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Living green and for less money

I would like to live more green, but I find it impossible..
- I ride my bike instead of taking the bus
- I like retro and vintage
- I like to make things myself (knitting, sewing and so forth)
- I would like to buy more cleaning products that are without perfume and are ecological ( toilet
cleaner, wahing mashine, diswasher, handsoap)
- I allready clean windows with only water
- I should use the dryer less
- I would like to make my own paper from used paper, could be real awsome.
- I allready use candypaper, thebags and other sorts of wrapping to make cards, to pretty up boxes and such.

found this, while looking for ways to recycle corks:

I am just wondering, why one cannot buy recycled paper for printers? I don't mind it is not compleatly white.. Or can you buy such, and I just don't know about it?

Friday, 18 September 2009

So much done:)

And here you see my cape! So, happy I am done!

This is a close up picture of scarf I have been working on lately.. 
or well, the last 4 month!
 And it has been hell! 
Really one of the hardest projects in quite some time. 
I think it has come out nicely... but I am not sure whether it was worth it... 
Just hope my dad will like it, hence it is a christmas gift for him :)

This is some flowers a friend of mine bought for me the other day. 
And the vase is made by me when I went to folk high school and had ceramics... 
One of the few suceeded things I made :)

And here is the cat smelling - and trying to eat it..


This is my newest version of, hopefully, my next tattoo. I am rather satisfied with this drawing..
This is a link, to my former post about this tattoo:

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Free form embroidery and cape

I started the above embroidery,
but found it was too small for me.
It took to long.

Then I started on the embroidery below.
There I only make one stich instead of the cross stich as on the picture above.
 Which makes it go faster, and makes is more soft and light.

This, is my cape..
 I will take a picture of me wearing in later on.
But allways forget to do it in the right light..
But I did have enough yarn to make the edgings correctly and a collar!
I hasen't actually come out exactly as I thought it would, but I am still happy about it.
I feel, old fashioned cool:)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

my poor hands and cardboard stars

My right hand and arm is hurting like shit right now!
 Of course, it is all my own fault. 
The thing is, I got ssooo eager when I saw that I could get done with the cape I am making for meself tonight... 
The only problem being, that when I finished it, I realised I had forgotten all about a collar and to make the right edgings... 
so I have just unraveled tha last 15 rows, so that I can finish it properly.

Oh well, as mom allways says: The more time you use on a project, the less need to use money on a new project.

This is some stars in cardboard I am working on. 
The originals was made from paper, and I found them under a sheet of shelf lining at my grandmas.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Once apon a time, my biggest passion was food. I simply loved food! I read recepies all the time, planned what we should eat at home, and ofcourse cooked all the time.

That is not how it is now.

My depressions have truly stolen that joy from me.
Instead I am lucky that I still have my creativity.
If I did not have my creativity, I honestly do not know where I would be today - I have a guess, but it is not a nice one.

embroidery and lantern

This is a freeform embroidery I have startet on...
the colours are pruple, redish/pink and yellow.

I made this yesterday.
It is a gift for my uncle at christmas.. so I am a bit ahead..
It is a lantern, if you cannot see it.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I have a misson!

I abosutely love some of the old classics ( pride and prejudice ect.)

My mission consists of me watching and perhaps owning as many as possibly!

*pride and prejudice
1995 have gotton 9,3 on imdb ( I have it, and love it!)
2004 7,8 ( I have it)
1940 7,6
1971 6,8
I have the book

1995 7,5 (I have seen it, and love it!)
2007 7,4 ( I have it, and love it!)
1971 6,8
I have the book

*sense and Sensebillity
1995 7,7 (I have it)
2008 8,2 ( I have seen it)
1981 6,8
I have the book

1999 7,1 (I have it)
2007 6,0 (I have seen it)
1983 7,3
I have the book

*Jane Eyre
2006 8,7 (I have it)

*North and south
2004 9,1 (I have it, and love it!)
I have the book

*Wives and daugthers
1999 8,5 (I have it, and love it)


2007 8,8 (I have seen it...

Do any of you know some great movies I should have on my list?


I am rather confused at the moment.. can't really decide which of my projects I shall work on.
* around 5 rown on my dads scarf.. - i need to find a smaler knittingneedle to do the last rows
*2 pairs of mitten - I have forgotten what I have done of the needles I bought just 2 weeks ago
*A knitted cape in borduex
*A grey sweater for meself

I feel like there is a 1000 things hanging over my head.. I just can't remember any of it, and that just makes me more confused!