Monday, 21 September 2009

Living green and for less money

I would like to live more green, but I find it impossible..
- I ride my bike instead of taking the bus
- I like retro and vintage
- I like to make things myself (knitting, sewing and so forth)
- I would like to buy more cleaning products that are without perfume and are ecological ( toilet
cleaner, wahing mashine, diswasher, handsoap)
- I allready clean windows with only water
- I should use the dryer less
- I would like to make my own paper from used paper, could be real awsome.
- I allready use candypaper, thebags and other sorts of wrapping to make cards, to pretty up boxes and such.

found this, while looking for ways to recycle corks:

I am just wondering, why one cannot buy recycled paper for printers? I don't mind it is not compleatly white.. Or can you buy such, and I just don't know about it?

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