Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Student halls

So, just been out at my brothers eating.

He lives at a student hall outside Copenhagen, and he has lived there the last 4 years, so I guess he is pretty happy about it.

I used to live at a studenthall, and well, that was just horrible!

A "student hall" in Denmark means:
Buildings with,
single rooms, with (mostly) own bath and toilet.
A shared kitchen.
Though the seizes vary, and some have own kitchen as well.
The prices also waries a lot, depending on seize and wether there is a kitchen with the room or not.

The difference it, that my brother loves it - and I hated it!

Living in a Student Hall was for me, a bad experience,
but I know plenty who are really happy about it.

Life is not all bad, but it certainly is hard

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