Thursday, 29 October 2009

Life wish

You can wish for all in the world
Money - a good job - tons of friends - healt
physique - fame - long life

But what I truly wish for the most - is to be an

I think it is going allright really..
A year ago all I could do was to sleep all day.. no food, no exercise, no anything
I didn't cook, go outside my room

Everything is NOT fine
But they are on the way, and that, is the most important thing

What I have FINALLY learned, is to just take a day at at a time - I have been saying it for some time now, but it is not before now that I actually live by it!
I have learned that it is okay to have a bad day.
That I just can't do what everyone do at he same pace as them

It is a huge relief
- not to feel like fool every single day
- not to feel less wothy of life every single day
- not to doubt me as a person
- not to feel that everyone is judging me

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I have been making Tags out of my paper scraps....
Around 15 of each colour (red, blue and green)

They are not perfect at all.. I am not good with my holepuncher
But it was rather fun:)

two done projects

This is my "zigzag - embroidery"
It measures 7,1 x 3,7 inches (18 x 9,5 cm), and are mady in doublecross stiches

This, is my "square embroidery"
It measures 5,1 x 3,3 inches (13 x 8,5 cm), and are made from singlecross stiches

They were both experiments
Both made from leftover bits of crossstich-yarn ( or whatever it is called)

I found it very interesting to see how the colours affected eachother in the square embroidery.
If the first colour was put with a second colour, and then afterwards the first colour put together with a third colour.
 - The first colour appear to be a fourth colour! facinating!

Sunday, 25 October 2009


This, is the familywall
A wall filled with pictures of familymembers - only old ones that is.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The cats in my life

This, is Olivia, as she was.. 
Now she is, well to be frank, rather fat!
But she got the softest fur ever:) 
You really can not stop to pet her
 - lucky her.
Sadly she is a bit shy.. 
so if you want to pet her, you have to go search for her first..

This, is Minna.. oh, she was just an adorable cat! She just loved to cuddle!! 
I just miss her so..
She was always where I was. Sadly, she only lived 4 years. 
I wish I could say they were the best years in my life.. 
What I can say, is that she made life bearable!

The cats in my life :)
I am raised with cats, and I absolutly adore them!
Our first cat was Emil
Our second cat was Trille - My teddybear ( a cat of course) is named after her :)
Our third cat was Sorte Per ( Black man)
Our Fourth was Trold ( Troll)
Our Fith was Minna ( My first cat!)
And our sixth, still living, cat, is called Olivia


I can't figure out whether I like the atum and winter months...

Atum means:
candlesticks, cozyness, blankets, tea, scarfs, cake, wind, rain, beautifull colours, colds, and tissues

Winter on the other hand, means:
Cold, wind, bareness, hopelessness, despair, but also Christmas!

Spring means
Light, blooming, green, smiles, expectations

Summer means
Holiday, sun, fresh, warm, colourfull, bouquets, berries

I guess there is something good about every season... There is no point thinking of the less good things anyway.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A gift for one of my friends who has recently moved to Copenhagen.
A Caddy and A mug - never goes wrong:)

Trold - the cat

This, is Trold!
A very old crazy cat.
Trold = Troll
We called him that because he was so playfull when he was little.
As older he just got lazy, but very social and affectionate.
He had psyco long claws, and the loudest purr I have ever heard!
Now he is dead, but then, he was very old - 13 years!
Hopefully someone up there want to pet him all day long :)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Not quite done yet

I have now lived 2 month with my cousin and his girlfriend.. Things are going fine, but we still need a few details to make everything finished.

We need to buy and put up a lamp in the kitchen by the sink
We need a long shoeself for all of our shoes
We need to figure out some way to hang our bike helmets on the wall in the hall
My cousin needs to hang up his clock and thermometer
In the living room we also still need to hang up a large old map of the world

In my room I still need to buy a pair of wall lamps to hang above my bed
I need to make a lampshade for one of my lamps

But we are deffinetly getting there :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009


This is the result of tonight!
Cookies with abricot and fennel
- They taste jummy, and are a good change for the usual chocolat chip cookies :)

Cookies for 8 ( 16 cookies)
100 g soft salted butter
125 g canesugar
1 teaspoon coarse salt
1 egg
150 g flour
1 teaspoon bakingpowder
1 teaspoon of crused fennel seads
1½ teaspoon finely grated orange zest75 g dried abricots in small squares

Whisk butter, canesugar and salt until light and airy
Whisk in the egg
Mix flour and baking powder - mix this into the butter mixture
Add fennel, orange zest and abricots

The pastry is put on to a bakingsheet in small tops and are slightly flattend before they are put into the top of the oven

They shall bake about 8 min. at 225 degrees

Here you find the danish recipe from the original place (

Friday, 16 October 2009


These are now a part of my stash... 
They are all made by my grandmother as far as I know. 
They are all different, and therefor not part of a set 
- and that is the reson why I have decided to make them a part of my stash...

These to pictures show some doilies, also from my grandmother.  
I do not know who has made them, but I find them very beautifull!! 

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I have had my cousin visiting me the last couple of days.
It has been some long days.. - In the sense that she has made sure I got up, and have had some rather active days! Normally, I use most of the day sleeping og watching tv while knitting.

I have finished a pair of legwarmers! Wuhu

We have baked cookies and wafles:)

And I have been cleaning and sorting my paper stash! Quite a work really!
- I got one box with small paper pieces, a second box with large pieces, a third box with everything christmas, and a fourth with scraps I hope to make paper out of.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

new things

I have just been to Ikea with a friend 
- and WOW they have a lot of stuff! Completely exhausting!
But I did find one thing I felt I could buy
 - these cookie cutters. I especially like the fox and the squirrel.

The darling cat Horatio.
Though, he is not so darling in the morning! 
Why can't he sleep at the same time as us?!


Went to Mc'donalds yesterday, and bought a mac tasty with bacon...
At the price of 45 kr (8,9 USD)
To put it plainly, I am never, ever, going to do it again!
So not worth it!

But one good thing - next week is a holiday
Well, it is not like I have a work or go to school, so its just normal days for me..
My plans are pretty simpel:
Finish knitting a pair of legwarmers
finish knitting a pair of mittens

The picture on the right shows my mood pretty well..
Cold, wet and grey

Thursday, 8 October 2009

who knits?

I do not have any knitting friends..

My friends used to stare at me when I brought my knitting around with me.. Now, I believe they have gotten used to it!

My mom knits, my aunt knits and lately my cousin has startet on the adventure of knitting :)

I believe I can honestly say, that I will never stop knitting.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

new projects

I have startet on 2 new projects - but from my yarnstash, so it does not cost a thing!

Startet on a new scarf, the pattern is from the purl bee and here you can see the pattern.

This is some sock yarn I am knitting some legwarmes out of...

Monday, 5 October 2009

yarn stash

Been home on weekend, and found a lot of leftover yarn...
Havn't really got money to buy any yarn at the moment, so that is just fine!
And havn't got the paitence for big projects either.

My plans are some legwarmers, wrist warmers, and coasters... Just playing around with patterns and colours and so forth. Rather looking forward to it really :)

There's: mohair yarn, sock yarn, silke and wool mixture and "muscat" yarn.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Me, and my diary.
I keep a diary - and this is it.
Together with me and my diary, is also a fountain pen.
We have a good friendship.
I tell my diary all about my problems and worries, and in return,
it accepts me, and do not doubt me!

My days:
Some days, are allright
Some days, are almost good
Some days, are, well - to be worked on
And then, there are the hopeless days - because they, are infact, days with no hope - only bad mood, sadness and desperation.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

my mood

So, what should I do that does not mean too much usage for my hands?
I would like to knit, or embroiding.
but it is just a bit too straining on my hands. 
I feel lost without anything to do!