Saturday, 24 October 2009

The cats in my life

This, is Olivia, as she was.. 
Now she is, well to be frank, rather fat!
But she got the softest fur ever:) 
You really can not stop to pet her
 - lucky her.
Sadly she is a bit shy.. 
so if you want to pet her, you have to go search for her first..

This, is Minna.. oh, she was just an adorable cat! She just loved to cuddle!! 
I just miss her so..
She was always where I was. Sadly, she only lived 4 years. 
I wish I could say they were the best years in my life.. 
What I can say, is that she made life bearable!

The cats in my life :)
I am raised with cats, and I absolutly adore them!
Our first cat was Emil
Our second cat was Trille - My teddybear ( a cat of course) is named after her :)
Our third cat was Sorte Per ( Black man)
Our Fourth was Trold ( Troll)
Our Fith was Minna ( My first cat!)
And our sixth, still living, cat, is called Olivia

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