Friday, 16 October 2009


These are now a part of my stash... 
They are all made by my grandmother as far as I know. 
They are all different, and therefor not part of a set 
- and that is the reson why I have decided to make them a part of my stash...

These to pictures show some doilies, also from my grandmother.  
I do not know who has made them, but I find them very beautifull!! 


  1. the stash you have is absolutely beautiful! i think i would frame them :-)

  2. have you tried knitting doilies? They are the next thing that I want to teach myself to do...

  3. I have definitly considered it a couple of times! But it just looks really hard to do...
    I am of course going to try it one day, just because it is not very common to do anymore.