Tuesday, 27 October 2009

two done projects

This is my "zigzag - embroidery"
It measures 7,1 x 3,7 inches (18 x 9,5 cm), and are mady in doublecross stiches

This, is my "square embroidery"
It measures 5,1 x 3,3 inches (13 x 8,5 cm), and are made from singlecross stiches

They were both experiments
Both made from leftover bits of crossstich-yarn ( or whatever it is called)

I found it very interesting to see how the colours affected eachother in the square embroidery.
If the first colour was put with a second colour, and then afterwards the first colour put together with a third colour.
 - The first colour appear to be a fourth colour! facinating!

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