Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What am I doing

I am in the progress of changing my sleeping pattern.
As it is now, I easily do not go to bed before 2 a.m. and easily do not get up before 1 p.m.
And that does so not work!

My biggest problem is to get up - I just do not want it enough.

You have to remember that I am just at home. I have no job og school I have to get up to.

During a normal day:
I, knit/embroidery/work with paperstuff
I,watch TV
I, read blogs
I, write posts on my blog
I, sometimes cook
I, do yoga
But NONE of it is important enough for me to want ot get up!

What shall I do?
*Pull away my curtains to reveal the light
*To actually do something that does not involve my TV or Computer!
*Go for walks with the cat
*Take bath in the morning to wake up

Any Ideas?

I should probably mention that it is not because I am lazy I cannot do things - but becauseI got Social Fobia and have a mild depression.

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