Thursday, 16 December 2010

Above pictures:
Top left to right.The candles for the tree all lined up ready to be hung on the tree. Out picking a Christmas tree. All the christmas tree decorations waiting to be hung - on the 23th of December.
Bottom left to right: Bringing the Christmas tree home. Assorted home made chocolates all ready to be eaten:). One year my father and brother stood for the whole bringing home a Christmas tree, and they brought one home there was taller than out house!

In my family it is not so much about giving large gifts, it's more about being together, cozyness, decorating the tree, lighting the candles on the tree, eating good food, preparing chocolates for the day, and such things.

I just love christmas.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

not at perfect match

This year for Christmas I am making 5 gifts...
But I can't really show them to you yet!

Today though, I decided that these wrist warmers (the redish ones), were not good enough.
They are the first pair I made some 2 years or so ago.
Without saying too much, I thought I could make them so much more interesting by changing shape and adding an extra colour.

But, now I have been knitting a bit, and the red colour I added, is just, too red.
Together with the redish yarn it looks more orange, and that is not really what I am going for.
(thought the colours in the picture are not perfect, you get the idea)

Monday, 13 December 2010

What I have been doing lately,
is tidying up in all of my stuff - because I got a LOT of stuff!
Pretty much emptying every thing I got on my floor, bed, table...
And of course the Kitty has sort of being assisting me ( if you ask him anyway;) )

Thursday, 9 December 2010


This is to all of you whom I love

I think it is only fair, for me to tell you about what is really going on with me.
This, you should know, I could never tell you face to face, or basically in any other way than this.

I am going through a really though time at the moment, have been, for way too long.

Each day is a fight to me.
Some days I cannot even get out of bed - this is not because of laziness, but because I am sick.
My biggest problem is a habit of constantly hating myself, and not acknowledging the things I do accomplice. Almost all of the time I feel misunderstood, and hated by all around me, which again makes it harder for myself to like who I am.
You must understand that I look differently at the world than you most likely do.
Because I have not been well for a long time, I have found that many of my ideas about life apparently is completely wrong.
So it is not just a question about time healing my wounds, but me actively working with my problems.
Which has shown to be the most difficult thing I have ever had to do.
Constantly working with your inner feelings, emotions and ideas is not just difficult, but very hard. What ever energy I got, is drained completely.

I hope this will somehow have made you better understand why I still can't be the full me, whoever that is.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas

Saturday, 13 November 2010

wristwarmers finished

Above, pictures of a pair of wrist warmers I made for a friend for her birthday.
I apologies for the poor quality of the pictures.
They are knitted with a Bordeaux yarn, and a reddish colour changing yarn - to give a bit of effect.

I do not write much on my blog at the moment, nor do I read other blogs.
I have had 2 very hard weeks, with far too much sleeping
- hoping very much I will be able to kick some buyt for some time.
It really is boring to feel like shit!

Monday, 1 November 2010


Some other long time ago finished projects...
Both my own pair of wrist warmers.

My parents have almost bought an apartment for me! HURRAY
Then we need to renovate it, but still, it is going to be great! :)

Saturday, 30 October 2010

An old finished project..

I am not very good at showing pictures of my finished projects...

But yesterday I wore these legwarmers, for I guess the first time since I started on them back in january 2010 (well at least we are still in the same year;) ).
And since I had to wait for my mother to pick me up at the train station - I thought I might as well take a picture
-so I did.

They are knitted very simply - 2 purl, 2 knit, in some of that colour changing sock yarn.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

walks and tea

Travelmug from Bodum (picture from their website), quite affordable!

I have been looking for one of these - and finally found one today!

I like to go for walks, and bringing my tea with me, is just a win,win situation.
I have been doing so with a ceramics mug, but they don't hold much, and I keep on spilling half of it before I have time to drink it, and then of course, I am always afraid to break it.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Fabric storage

Every single time I have to get some fabric, everything sort of ends in a huge pile on the floor.
As you might guess, I am a tad tiered of it!

One day I was looking at "storage, fabric" on, I saw a picture where all the fabric was in rolls....
Some thinking later, I decided it had to be done - so I rolled and rolled ( with a elastic band around to hold the shape when I pull them out to have a look through my stuff).
The result you see on the two above pictures.

I think I am going to do it with my embroidery canvas also.

The smaller scraps are at the moment all bundled together in a drawer.
The next time I get to Ikea I have decided to buy several plastic boxes to sort my scraps colour coded.

I so love colour coding:)

Life at a normal level

You know that thing:
-getting up - breakfast - bath - off to school/job - lunch - home again -
- doing stuff - making dinner - eating - TV - of to bed - sleeping -
---> and then it sort of repeats itself..

Well, I don't

But you know what?!
--> It's brilliant!!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Pearls, beads and then a bit more
My table the other day when I decided to fix some necklaces that I wasn't using.

My cousin fixing up a shirt she bought in a thrift-shop

My cousin has been with me for some days
We have filled our days with:
-thrift shopping (always fun)
-normal shopping
-being creative
-watching the tree Die Hard-movies
-eating out
-visiting tearooms
-experiencing the city and the beautiful autumn weather

some brilliant days!

Tons of things are happening at the moment!
We are 3 in my family who are looking for appartments at the moment
- me, my eldest cousin and my second cousin and his girlfriend
And then we are also fixing up my grandmothers house, so no dull days for us:)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My weekend

2 top pictures - flower on paint tools, lower picture if of my cousins dog having found a new place to rest surrounded by paint tins.

Still fixing up my grandmothers house - will be doing so for a long time.

Still looking for somewhere to live (which is taking up all of my time - and my energy!)

Monday, 4 October 2010

My mother pulling down wallpaper
 - in front, some flowers I found on a walk beside some fields, standing on a stepladder
My father fixing holes in the wall (there is a LOT of them), and again,
 in front, flowers from the road standing on a stepladder.
We are currently fixing up my grandmothers house.
I should probably mention that the house is from 1924, and my grandmother lived there 55 years!
My father and uncle own it, and wish to rent it out.
Only problem being, that is it pretty worse from wear!

So it is not just some simple painting that needs to be done.
with 13 rooms,
its a lot of work:

pulling down wall paper
fixing up the walls
fixing damped walls
pulling off carpets
fixing floor
painting walls
painting ceiling
sand down skirting boards
painting skirting boards

You get the drift..

So, needless to say,various members of the family spend a whole lot of their time on it!

But looking on the positive side of it
- It is amazing to see the transformation of the rooms (we are slowing actually getting to a point where we will be putting stuff up, instead of down)
- we spend a lot of time together, which is really nice:)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

So many things have happened - and then at the same time, so little
I am still looking for somewhere to live
my circadian rhythm is back to "normal" - aka rubbish
I am currently trying to "refashion" my wardrobe, which I think I am actually learning a lot from (sewingwise)
I have managed to brush my teeth with toothpaste and cold teawater (the water was closed off)
Have accepted that I need a new electric iron - after it for the 10th time burned a fabric - sigh

stuff I got the other day from my grandparents - all my favourite kinda stuff

I am stressed, depressed and lonely

Sunday, 26 September 2010


After 3 days of low mood and crying, I am slowly beginning to see the positive side of moving out
- getting my OWN place - always been a dream of mine
- getting my own cat:)
- finally get to use all of the kitchen stuff I happen to have ( I got ALOT)
- use all of my ideas for reusing stuff
- only having few cleaning supplies, and those without perfume

I am sure I will come up with more.

Though moving out, and getting my own place, does also require that I have to get some of the stuff that my roommates have..
- pots and pans, a kitchen weight and a vacumcleaner.
I am afraid I will also remember more stuff I don't have the closer I get to moving!

Friday, 24 September 2010

All energy to be creative and normal functioning has deserted me

I really just want to sleep all the time

The reason? I got to find somewhere new to live

Monday, 20 September 2010

preparing for cable..

I am going to make a pair of wrist warmers, in this gorgeous blue yarn.

Couldn't decide what pattern to use though
- So I decided that it was time for me to make my own cable-design.

As you can see on the picture I have been sketching....
But how on earth I am supposed to knit that, I have no idea!
I have made a few tries, but very poorly at that.

My conclusion must be that I need to practice a bit more knitting cables, and perhaps specially notice the charts picturing the cables.
I am painfully aware of the irony in having socialfobia and at the same time being lonely

Sunday, 19 September 2010

shoes of my dreams!

Oh, I am crazy about shoes at the moment!!

Just take a look at the ones below - aren't they amazing!!

Shoes from - incredible details on the shoes from "irregular choices", but just where would you wear them? other than in your dream world of course;)

Shoes from
Beautiful as well, but much higher prices - oh sigh

As much as I love shoes, I cannot afford them, and properly most importantly, I cannot figure out how to walk in them.
...I am quite the clutz I am afraid..
I posses the ability to almost fall, too often, even though I wear flat shoes.

Have you seen the newest "Føtex" katalog?
Oh, there is some good things in it!

Just now I had actually decided I would go tomorrow and look at the clothes.
-but then - I had a quick look at my bank account and remembered that I cannot afford to pay 150,- danish kroner (26 $) for any pieces of clothing, no matter how cheap it might be.

Instead I will go out to buy oatmeal tomorrow and make oatmeal crackers:)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


He made me laugh today

I am very bored -my TV is not functioning.
The Kitty is very lazy

What an excellent combination --> the result being the above pictures


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A month after my first post where I told I had knitted my first sock.... and here's the pair!
It has taken me a lot longer to knit the second sock than I thought, but now at least the hurtle is over, and hopefully my next pair of socks wont take so long.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

cable knitted pillowcover

front of pillowcover
back of pillowcover

My grandmothers birthday present

I remember her saying at some point that she would like some new pillows for their brown leather sofas.. A brilliant opportunity to practice cable-knitting and using some of my brown stash-yarn.

The whole fastening knitted piece to a fabric in order for the knitted piece not to be seethrough - proved very tricky....

I am really happy with the result though!

I have been having some really hard days lately, but trying to keep calm, and drink tea:)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

10 different embroideries in the work + 2 more I found just after taking this picture...
Seams a bit overwhelming at the moment..

A failed embroidery... Supposed to be a belt.
But as you can see the fabric is all crumbled.
I did not use a frame when I did this, but perhaps I should.
Though I find working with a frame makes it all the more troublesome.

Monday, 6 September 2010


Flower buds with raindropsA bit like I am feeling :) - on the verge on something big;)

Yesterday I was at my first meeting with my new psychiatrist - and I am SO excited!

Perhaps you need a bit of ground-info to get my drift..
  • First of all I am 21 years old.
  • In a month I have been sick with my 2. depression for 2 years
  • I am finally beginning to get a more normal day (before all I did was sleep because I was so misserable)
- because I am on some good meds
- have been getting some extra meds to help me get a normal circadian rhythm, and now I think I am almost there!
- Hard work, and persistence
-patient family and friends
  • Time, is always an important factor
  • Finally found out and accepted that I got socialfobia when I was a young teenager, and have been suffering from it ever since.
  • I have also finally stopped expecting a miracle - not that a miracle once in a while would not be nice:)
Which leads me to my point --> that I am FINALLY getting treatment for my socialfobia

HUGE relief:)


In my quest to get better - at everything, I am currently focusing on embroidery.

Long story short,
as the name insinuates it is made with black emroideryfloss on a cream or white background.
It is a counted embroidery technique, using only straight stiches - which are then combined into geometric patterns. Often resembling leaves and flowers of sorts.

So I am currently giving this whole Blackwork-thing a try.

Until now I have draw a pattern I will work from, transfered in onto my fabric
(using a piece of fabric and not normal embroidery canvas, which also makes my try a bit more difficult, because that means I cannot count..)

Saturday, 4 September 2010

A little collage of what I have worn the last couple of days.

Because I have gained a lot of weight, I cannot fit most of my clothes!
So, I made the full circle skirt you see in the pictures:) Really happy about it, SO easy to make, and the fabric is btw an old tablecloth!

The cardi on the first picture I refashioned some time ago (cut the sleeves, embroidery at the neckline)

The dress on the middle picture is bought used but unfortunately in viscose - horrible to wear...
BUT it is the belt I really want you to notice - I have made it myself:)

The shawl on the right pictures is of course also homemade!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I am working on a knitted pillow cover, or at least the front will be knitted.
I am using leftover yarns (brownish) to practice cable knitting.
So knitting different cables with different browns..
No more than halfway, and I need it finished in 12 days..


Several hours to go,
number 3 exchangeable needles (the ones I got broke the other day)
more brown yarn to have enough yarn.
And then the whole sewing part to finish.

But then I should be about done:)

I am just not that good with deadlines

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Somehow my sewing machine always manages to get me down.
successful things I have sewn:
10 pillow covers
- and that is about it!

I would really like to get better, but it take such a loonng time!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Here's a collage of my cards, I am rather fond of them all:)

As I have written before, I have been taking loottss of pictures of the stuff I have been making to put it up on
And I think the pictures are really nice! Well worth the trouble.
+ I am just loving photoscape:)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The fabrics that the skirt will hopefully be made off, when I figure out the sewing machine

Today I thought I would get some sewing done.
Having gained a lot of weight the past few months, there is practically none of my clothes I actually fit anymore.

Decided I would make a skirt.
Found the fabric that I have already cut an other day.
Started doing the zigzag-stich --> only to find that it did not work probably!!
Something to do with how loose the two threads are..

anyway, I am at a total loss what to do...
I have tried to tighten and loosen the threads, but I do not feel any smarter..

Monday, 23 August 2010

An example of the poor quality of the pictures I took yesterday..

Yesterday I took tons of pictures of the cards and tags I have made...
only to find today that they are all shaky and unfocused!
So I guess I will be taking some new ones tomorrow in proper light!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

I have been fixing ribbons for the stars - so they are all ready to ornament:)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

pillowcover with writing on it

above: closeup shots of 3 different letters.
I have used chain stitch, fill stitch, and french embroidery

Picture below:
Pillowcover with the following written on it
--- Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight----
(The chair on the picture was embroidered by my grandmother)

I gave it as a birthday gift for my cousin when she turned 15 in June


This is pretty much how my room looks when I am trying to figure out which projects to start on.
I pride myself, of having a designated place for everything - But when I have to actually look at all of the stuff I got, only option is to pure it all over the place

Though it is fabric you see on the picture, I am currently taking a break from it.
I have vowed to myself that before I die, I would like to be an (almost) excellent seamstress.
But there is a long way to go

Just noticed that I have used this picture before - ups.
My battery for the camera is flat, so I cannot take any new shots - of anything!:(

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My first sock!

Today I have finished my first sock - i am very excited!
I used the video-series below to help me.
My family be warned - you might all get socks for christmas!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

curtains... sort of

Today I finally decided to use my afternoon sewing curtains for my new curtain rod
The fabric is the above picture from "stof og stil", very nice pattern, old fashion tapestry kinda..

Long story short
The fabric will now be used for smaller projects....

I somehow managed to not cut the fabric in two equally big pieces...
Then I managed to measure the width wrong - which means that they are each 10 cm too small.
When folding the corners of the curtains, I chose to cut off some the execs fabric... But because I measured wrong, I am now in need of those pieces of fabrics I cut off..


Friday, 30 July 2010

flowers all around

Being home at my parents, there is one thing I love to do, beyond everything else - to fix the house up with fresh flowers from the garden!

Above is a collage of the 4 bouquets currently indoor

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back from holiday in England with the family

We drove to England and back again - the way home seemed like an eternity!
But, we are finally home.

Oh, but we did not see near enough of England! We rented a cottage in the south of England, but used a whole lot of our time driving to and fro things... It doesn't feel like we have been doing much really... But then, that is an excellent excuse to come back I think :)

The pictures above gives you a small idea of what we have seen
....nature, gardens, cars, cities...