Wednesday, 27 January 2010

to sew

The pictures are from the patternsection og

I love to browse around at

As you can see, there are several gorgeous patterns!
And LOADS of fabulous fabrics!!!

I try to only look at the "sales" or "clearence" page.. so not to bee too temptet!
Then of course, there is also the fact, that I cannot sew and I do not have the money for it..
But one can dream:)
This is my evening:
candy, dvd - jurassic park 1 and 2 and lots of tea!
Some knitting on my grey cardigan and a cup of coaco:)


I have been working on some wristwarmers for myself..
I got a real old black jacket with real fur on the neck. I do not know exactly how old it is..I think maybe before 50's but I am not too sure. The point is, it is way cool:)
The problem is that it is not tight by the opening of the sleeves, which gets pretty cold!
-the thing is, it is too big.. but if I knit it smaller it gets too smal.
So maybe I am going to find another pattern..

Currently I am knitting with 2 mm doublepointed needles.. only have 4 needles left though
And, I do not have the money to by an extra pair, or maybe a 1,5 or 1,75 mm needles.. *sigh*

Thursday, 21 January 2010

the joys of knitting..

Do you that thing, when you are knitting something and then have a long break from it, to continue some time later?
.. well, I did that with a grey cardigan I have been working on.. I did not have the energy for it, because I realised I had kitted the back too short, and there for had to make it longer at some point.
So when I started again here a couple of days ago I had: the back (too short), one of the fronts and a sleeve + the start of the second sleeve.

-->I decided to continue on the second sleeve.. and just finished it 10 min ago.. only to realise that I had knitted thigter now than I did before..SHIT
So it is too shart... but because there is a continuing pattern on the cardigan, the first sleeve is 2 x patterns longer than the other.

So OFCOURSE I have to start over on the second sleeve, or I will never forget it!


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

what I ought to do....

I know which things are good for me and which are not..
But to do what is good for one self, is not always as easy as you think!

*going for walks
*cleaning/tidying my room
*getting 3 meals a day
*going for a run
*doing yoga
*cleaning/tidying the apartment

Monday, 18 January 2010

I am knitting a pair of legwarmers... Supposed to be closed with buttons..
cannot wait for them to be done!
A painting I am working on... in slowmotion...
I believe it is very soon done:)

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Allright.. So I am very disappointed!
I am working on a pair of legwarmers for my grandmother
(her christmas present 2009)
Now I have finally found the right seize of needles...

BUT: I am knitting them out of two yarns - a colourchanging and a blue yarn.
In the picture I have knitted 3 rows of the colourchanging yarn to one row of the blue yarn.

MY PROBLEM: There is not a lot of colour changing in what I have knitted so far.. and they are not supposed to bee that long!

So what shall I do?!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

what I am working on

This, is one of the next bigger things, I am going to make..
First though I want to finish some, or most of these projects:
lewarmers with buttons
legwarmers from sockyarn
legwarmers for my gran
thai embroidery
branch embroidert
wristwarmers for me
grey cardigan for me
simpel straight scarf for mom

and THEN we can talk about using money on a project!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I am finally done with this top! I am sooo happy, I have had so much trouble with that yarn, it is unbelieveble! But now I have something to wear - and brag off, so all is good:)

This morning I had yoghurt and homemade "mysli"(outmeal and nuts roasted with honey)
I have started knitting a pair of legwarmers for myself.... I really need some!
At first I made a scarf of this..but did not like it.. so now I am trying this..

what should I do

This, is my inspiration for 2010...

* I definately want to learn how to kit socks!
* Mittens is also high on my list.. made one pair last year, but it sadly did not go too well..
* and would it not be great with a new blouse? I really love the 40's fashion:)

Currently I do not have the money to buy new yarn... - sadly
So at this point I would like to finish up some projects and really try to be creative with what I got..

Monday, 4 January 2010

A green cardigan I decided, some time ago, was too boring, and have started to sew flowers in different coloured sewingtheard..
Thinking about altering it even more, maybe making the sleeves shorter..

I have started on sqares out of the yarn leftovers I started knitting a pair of legwarmers of...
But you see, after Horatio the almost dear kitty, had played with it several times, it was so entangelt I just decided to give up.
But I am not too mad about it infact! Because it was just sooo complicated to keep in control of all og the different yarnballs..

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The legwarmer..
Too loose and not looking well enough
The colour changing yarn

This, is the start on a pair of legwarmes for my grandmother for christmas 2009...
As you can see, I have started. But have found that I have knitted it too big, and you cannot see the colourchanging yarn properly!
So, I am going to start over (What a suprise!!), and instead make it smaller, ofcourse, but make two rows of the colourchanging yarn to one row of the blue regular yarn..

First though, I need to get myself a pair of smaller needles!
I love the thought of living green, living of your own garden and so forth....

If you also go around with a romatic dream of this, check out, "River cottage" which you can watch for free on!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Is christmas over?

The coloures I have so far...
I think I should finish my "thai-embrodiery" first though, because I would like to use some of the thread from that embroidery...

A christmas tablecloth I have gotten from my you can see it is allready shown where to stich...
I will be making a bit of changes, to make it a bit more sofisticated:)
I would like to live more green, but also more sustainable

* To recycle paper: making new paper to different crafts, and to make shoppinglist
* To borrow books instead of buying new
* To buy ecological make-up, cremes, cleaning products
* To eat more vegetarian...
* To use energysaving light bulbs
* Remember to turn of the light
* To tops sit at my computer and tv 10 hours a day
* To use my bike as much as possible
* To try and be more creative with the things I have, so that I do not have to buy new

Besides from this, I would like to look more into giving edible gifts

Friday, 1 January 2010

A mug I got for christmas...
Drinking tea while cutting out cardboard stars...

My only problem... there is still over 30 to gooo!! noo..

I have started making napkinrings again..
Should make some for meself at some point.. but It will have to be voer 20 I think, to have enough for a diner party!

first project in 2010

Only the second time I knit with different colours, so in the start I made it too tight... but I think I am getting a hang of it:) I hope:)

This is the pattern.. really simple. Though a lot of differemt balls of yarn to keep track of and control!

So, I have started on some legwarmers for meself... in greenish colours.. leftover ofcourse!
At christmas I made a pair for my cousin and I am also making a pair for my grandmother...
My point being, that when I felt that it was time to wear such myself.. I realised I had none I would wear !

Not again

I usually never make New Years resolutions - but this year: I will make just one

Next New Years eve I want it to be just me, some tea, some good food, and a movie!

Because I am infact not a party person...
This year I went to bed before 24:00 and cried at the stroke of midnight.... Not my idea of a good night! And yes, I was with people this New Years eve...