Thursday, 21 January 2010

the joys of knitting..

Do you that thing, when you are knitting something and then have a long break from it, to continue some time later?
.. well, I did that with a grey cardigan I have been working on.. I did not have the energy for it, because I realised I had kitted the back too short, and there for had to make it longer at some point.
So when I started again here a couple of days ago I had: the back (too short), one of the fronts and a sleeve + the start of the second sleeve.

-->I decided to continue on the second sleeve.. and just finished it 10 min ago.. only to realise that I had knitted thigter now than I did before..SHIT
So it is too shart... but because there is a continuing pattern on the cardigan, the first sleeve is 2 x patterns longer than the other.

So OFCOURSE I have to start over on the second sleeve, or I will never forget it!


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