Wednesday, 3 February 2010

gran's legwarmers

This, first collage shows all of my tries when making a pair of legwarmers for my gran...
First of, I bought the blue and the multicolured yarn you see on the right.
Then, I started knitting on 3 mm needles, but knitted the circumference too big, in several tries..
So I changed to 2 mm needles, and the seize was good enough, so I knitted a whole leg..only to realise that there was not enough colur change in the yarn to make it look good..

Sooo I bought a new colurchanging yarn - which is perfect:)
In my tries with the other yarn I knitted 2 purl stiches and to stiches plain.
In this, final go, I knit 1 purl, and 3 plain sitches... And I believe it is turning out good!

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  1. Hey
    Du er efterhånden noget langt med benvarmerne...Og jeg nyder at sidde med mit halstørklæde...!
    Hehe....det er nogle gode billeder du tager af tingene!