Saturday, 27 March 2010


A purple cardigan I got tiered of a long time ago, but found it among a lot of other stuff a month ago or so.
The lace I got at a thriftmarket for free - hurray:)

anyways, I really like the result, I will post a proper picture of it later.
A scarf/shawl I am making from some yarn I orginally tried to make a halfmoon shawl of..
I had seen this really beautifull shawl in a Noa Noa shop, and thought I could make it myself - but I obviously couldn't;)
So I unraveled it, and have now instead started on the scarf/shawl in the picture.
Think it is going to be really good!

And it is also pretty easy to make - so no complaints from here.
Just 7 chain stiches in each bow, and 9 chain stiches in the ends.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


I went to my yarnstash... haven't got several of one colour..
But I saw this pattern on ravrely, and thought YES! And I have the book where it is from, so no problem.
So I started knitting with the different colours I got.. but it jost looked odd, so I though I would do it differently.. but that also looks odd.. Like something a clown would wear ( no offence to clowns)..

anyways - can't decide werther to unvravel it and just wait till I buy some nice yarn - or what to do.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

machine embroidery

The other day I decided to try doing some embroidery using my sewing machine...not so easy..and not so pretty either..

I will probably try it again at some point.. just not right away.

I just fint hand embroidery so much more facinating at the moment..

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Picture of one of the belts I am trying to make.. the embroidery isent working, so I am going to pull it up.. buissnes as usual:)

I would really like to try and make a belt... I do not know how to make a belt that can fit several waist measures... but I will figure it out. I will probably have to make some tries to make it right.

But anyways - I have started embroidering som fabric I will try and make a belt of..

Friday, 12 March 2010


Cotton squares for a future blanket....
I am crocheting them from leftover yarn.
- greenish and blueish yarn

count at the moment: 50
- might sound like a lot.. but they are pretty small..

Thinking that I probably need to buy some new great colours for the blanket when I have no more leftover yarn..


Stars from teabags! really like them:)

Today I went to the libary, and found several books on teabagfolding... So of course I have borrowed one that is to be studied later this week.

I am of the happy believe that I can allways learn something new and/or get better at something.
I did nok like going to school, but I rather do like to learn things.. which I guess is good news:)

Monday, 8 March 2010

Thinking twice before I eat something unhealthy
Remember to straighten my back, and pulling my shoulders back as well
Being a bit more sensible about my money
Stop thinking about what I want, and instead focus on what I have - and how to use it ect.
Not just to produce things, but to develop ideas and learn new things
and to think positivly

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

reading.. and the kitty..

I would really like to get started on some serious reading!
When I was a young teenager, all I did, was to read...
But after 2 depressions, I have lost the passion for reading.. but I must admit that I miss it!

I have all of Jane Austens novels waiting for me.. plus "north and south" by Elisabeth Glaskell..
I even got all of the Harry Potter books if I want to start up softly...

I have borrowed a lot of knitting and embroidery books from the library, which are easy read as well, though non-fiction..

At least I knit a lot.. but I cannot do anything crative while reading, which I also think holds me back!

The Kitty likes to steal my yarn.. luckily, here I closed the door before he got too far away!