Wednesday, 3 March 2010

reading.. and the kitty..

I would really like to get started on some serious reading!
When I was a young teenager, all I did, was to read...
But after 2 depressions, I have lost the passion for reading.. but I must admit that I miss it!

I have all of Jane Austens novels waiting for me.. plus "north and south" by Elisabeth Glaskell..
I even got all of the Harry Potter books if I want to start up softly...

I have borrowed a lot of knitting and embroidery books from the library, which are easy read as well, though non-fiction..

At least I knit a lot.. but I cannot do anything crative while reading, which I also think holds me back!

The Kitty likes to steal my yarn.. luckily, here I closed the door before he got too far away!

1 comment:

  1. aah, love kitty pics :-) very sweet. um, i listen to audiobooks when i knit, this seems to do the trick and at least i don't fall asleep!