Monday, 26 April 2010

finished projects - for once!

Promissed picture of the cardigan I "renewed".. not too good a picture, the light was wrong.. hmm.. but you get the idea I hope.
Then I have sewn a top and a dress.. not perfect or figure hugging.. but big and fluffy, nice for the summer I think.
The second on the top, is a picture of a cardigan I knitted some long time ago, but my 2. well finished bigger project.. I rarely knit such hard stuff, because it is well, hard! :)

My sewing machine is currently having a break from me, and I for it!
But I believe we will soon make up:)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

cable scarf

Last year at Advent I got two balls of this yarn from my mother and dad..
The ball of yarn I made a bactus scarf for myself.
This, second ball of yarn I started on christmas knitting a straight scarf.. But later I thought it was just too boring.
Instead I have started to knit my first ever cable scarf! I am very excited!:)

Friday, 23 April 2010

pillowcover from squares

Some time ago I crochet some squares, just to try it out, but also to use up some yarn..
Not before at the very last I did, did I figure out how to close up each colour when crocheting instead of having to do it afterwards..

Well, I stiched them together the other day, and I think they will become a pillowcover..
I sure need some new spring pillows:)

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Finally finished these coasters.. hm.. 1 year in the making..
do not really need them, but at least they are finished, so I do not have to think about them

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Picture of my failed waistcoat project... allready unravled it...
Just want to figure out what I can use the leftovers for... I will get an other bright idea one day;)

Hm.. I am also failing a lot at sewing at the moment.. not my strong suit..

Saturday, 3 April 2010

the kitty, and mornings

I do show a lot of pictures of the Kitty, Horatio - and he isen't even mine!
But he is so lovely, and I do live with him, so almost mine;)

In these pictures he is home at my parents for some days..
He got a walking belt, so we walked with him outside ( tried to anyways, he rather prefers to stand still and smell everything). But we also tight him up outside, so that he could just sit there and smell all of the new things. He just LOVED it! :)

I have a huge problem with getting up in the morning...
Whih means that I constantly try and find reasons to get up, which is very hard when your having a depression.. but I am working on it.

What I like - reasons to get up.

- hot cup of tea
- hot long realxing bath
- cleen bedsheets
- the seasons
- the wind on my skin
- massage
- to feel completely relaxed before falling asleep
- to walk around town a night - complete silence
- ideas
- to see, watch and notice things around me

What gets you up in the morning?

making of a belt

So I have been working on some belts with embroidery on them..
Haven't finished them yet, but I have made a lot on one of them (picture above).
The fabric is from an old tablecloth made from fabric bought in thailand, nothing fancy.
I have used 3 coloures.
2 blues, using stemstitch
The red using chainstitch

I am very excited about the end result... hoping I will get some sewing done next week.

soup plates

Went to a large fleamarket here the other day.
Got some fabric and some yarn, and then I found 2 soup plates from a dinner service I have started to collect...
Really nice, with flowers and a gold edging ( Have to wash it by hand, but that is okay:) )
Really cheap - especially compared to dinner services from "the royal copenhagen" which makes really nice dinnerservices.

The fun facta is also that the dinner servises name is: "Anne Sofie" - which happens to be my name!