Sunday, 30 May 2010

other projects

One of my many projects... Or three of my many projects..

The idea is to use these three pieces as pillowcovers - though not before I have made some sort of embroidery on them. Haven't decided on what yet.
Sadly I am wayy too slow to actually do any embroidering, so I am afraid they will not be done for a loonng time.

I have it all in my head - just not that easy to get it out.
But I will just have to work on that I guess.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Yesterday I decided to prepare my stash of teabags for folding - by cutting off the white edges.
I got quite a lot now, and I have borrowed a book about teabag folding..
So one of these days I might just get some teabagfolding done..

Monday, 24 May 2010

I Tried to tidy up my yarn drawer the other day..
The yarn on the right, might some day become a/ or several pillowcovers.
The yarn on the left is a lot of small bundles of different coloures.. I have no idea what to use them for..
I also have quite an amount of acrylic yarn I also have no idea of what to do whit.
Some good quality wool-yarn that might become a small top/waistcoat/scarf
Plus 2 other good yarns I do not know what will become..

So lots to do as usual!

Monday, 17 May 2010

My window
I just bought the table -the top is beautifull shining cobber! (Vintage of course)
The vase is a vintage, it used to be my grandmothers. Now it is filled with flowers from my parents garden - though the cat just nocked it down! (again)
The 2 chairs was also my grans.
The armchair has a towel on it - for the cat.. Because he thinks it is his!
The blanket my mother made for me several years ago
the mirror is also a vintage

Saturday, 15 May 2010

My mother and I have been trying to clean a whole lot of old lace and doilies!
In the bunch of all of these old forgotten things - lay these gloves.


Can't wait to wear them.
First I have to discuss with myself, werther I am brave and confident enough to wear them on a normal day taking the bus or something...
I hope I am:)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

It have finally come to the point where this embroidery becomes a pillowcover :)

I have been sewing lately..
I have almost finished 2 pillowcovers, just need to sew the buttons on.
( I have learned to make buttonholes! )
Also on the way to finish my second thaiembroidery - one of three, which will also soon become pillowcovers.
And other projects..

See, I am not afraid of my (mothers) sewingmaschine

Thursday, 6 May 2010

oh well..

What can I say..
I have a lot of nylon ribbon, which is on a shelf - aka not away.. BUT IT SHOULD
To add to the loonng list of trouble - he broke a glass this morning.
As revenge, I thought he would look nice with a ribbon :)
My room the other day.. Took out all of my fabric on the floor - just easier to look through this way:)
Though, I allways tidy up the room before bed - or I would go crazy!

I have fixed some stuff, and also finished some stuff.
- making a pantsuit shorter
- finishing an emboidery for a belt
- finishing some embroidery for a pillow cover
- making a skirt shorter
- finally finishing my green skirt (very proud!)
- starting to make some new pillow covers for my bed/sofa

And of course, no finished projects without any new ones in the making :)
I am making squares for some pillow covers...