Friday, 18 June 2010

2 projects waiting for the sewing machine tomorrow...

Today I finally finished the embroidery on the chequered fabric
the orange underneath is a typical 60,70´s tablecloth
I can't wait to see the result!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sigh - yarn!

My grey cardigan... an utter failure!
It is way too big. When I pressed it and washed it the yarn just stretched out, and the result is a bulky, giant cardigan.
I am not pleased!Here back in December I posted a picture of the cardigan in process - notice how elastic the yarn is.. (which it is so not any more)

This is how it is supposed to look... Sigh...

My other problem:
I have begun knitting a bolero sort of top, out of the yarn I did not use for the cardigan.
Only problem is now, that there was not enough yarn, of the leftoveryarn, to finish...
So I need to unravel the cardigan and use some of that yarn, which is fine, except the yarn which I have used for the cardigan have changed...
So now I am confused..
Perhaps I should wash the bolero and see whether the yarn acts in the same way...
I guess that is the first step. And not before after that, can I determine what to do.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

result of stars

Examples of some of the stars one can make when folding tea bags..
Some of the pictures are the back and front of the same stars.
I really quite like them.

I had many plans for today - non of which actually happened - but so it is once in a while..
The important thing is not to hit oneself on the head about it.
Another day tomorrow though:)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tea bag folding

Maybe you haven't heard off or seen it before
- I hope the above pictures give you a fair idea of what it is.

First, you take a teabag ( not the bag holding the actual tea, but the paperbag that holds said tea bag.. if you get my meaning..)
Make a cup of tea:)
Then you cut off the white edges.
Then it is really just about making squares - groups of 8 pieces.
And then, you can start to fold each piece, which you then glue together --> thus forming a star.

The result is often stars in some shape or other
- the picture in the lower left corner is a picture of the book I am using to try and learn how to fold teabags.
It can be rather tricky sometimes.. I am struggling with some of the stars...

It is very common to use the stars for cards - to glue onto cards..
I think it was pretty popular in the 90's..
I prefer them as ornament with ribbon so they can hang.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of some finished stars:)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

My cousin who also have a blog, has challenged me to write 7 things about myself.
Here goes:

7 things about me

1.I have only recently realized that I am a social person - I have always thought I was the most
antisocial in the world.

2.I am not good with authorities

3. It is not but a year or so ago, I realized how much I enjoy having family and friends

4. I like to notice small things - the look of a leaf, people's shoes.. and such

5. To cook and bake is like meditation for me

6. I would like to get at least one more tattoo

7. My dream is to live in a cottage in the country - and being self-sustainable/ living green


I went to " mit hjem er mit slot" in Frederiksberg have the other day
(sorta big outdoor market with lots of different sellers - plants, art, jewlery, indoor decor and so on)
- Really nice!
Amazing weather and lots of interesting things to look at!

4 Years ago or so, my mother and I went to this market(it is there every year).
--> And found the most wonderfull seller, making beautiful bags. We both bought one - of course.

Which brings me to the pictures above.
Ever since we bought those bags we have been looking for them everywhere.
So when I went to that market, and found the same seller - how could I not buy a bag?!

On the pictures I am modeling the bags - notice my straw hat - I love it!
The bag on the left is the one I bought for my mother, and the bag on the right is the one I bought for myself.
Are they not gourgeus!?