Sunday, 6 June 2010


I went to " mit hjem er mit slot" in Frederiksberg have the other day
(sorta big outdoor market with lots of different sellers - plants, art, jewlery, indoor decor and so on)
- Really nice!
Amazing weather and lots of interesting things to look at!

4 Years ago or so, my mother and I went to this market(it is there every year).
--> And found the most wonderfull seller, making beautiful bags. We both bought one - of course.

Which brings me to the pictures above.
Ever since we bought those bags we have been looking for them everywhere.
So when I went to that market, and found the same seller - how could I not buy a bag?!

On the pictures I am modeling the bags - notice my straw hat - I love it!
The bag on the left is the one I bought for my mother, and the bag on the right is the one I bought for myself.
Are they not gourgeus!?


  1. Pretty pictures! :), I really adore the bags. I had no idea there was a market in Frederiksberg garden. AWESOME.

  2. Hi! It's not an odd question at all. It could hang, it could lay as a table cenre piece or it could just ''be''. I keep precious cloth wrapped in tissue and take it out to look at it when I need my fix! Thanks for asking, I love people to be intersted in my work. Best wishes, Karen