Sunday, 6 June 2010

My cousin who also have a blog, has challenged me to write 7 things about myself.
Here goes:

7 things about me

1.I have only recently realized that I am a social person - I have always thought I was the most
antisocial in the world.

2.I am not good with authorities

3. It is not but a year or so ago, I realized how much I enjoy having family and friends

4. I like to notice small things - the look of a leaf, people's shoes.. and such

5. To cook and bake is like meditation for me

6. I would like to get at least one more tattoo

7. My dream is to live in a cottage in the country - and being self-sustainable/ living green


  1. awesome awesome awesome!

  2. Yes....You are awesome! Hope you got my Postcard from Austria!
    Love from Lærke