Monday, 14 June 2010

Sigh - yarn!

My grey cardigan... an utter failure!
It is way too big. When I pressed it and washed it the yarn just stretched out, and the result is a bulky, giant cardigan.
I am not pleased!Here back in December I posted a picture of the cardigan in process - notice how elastic the yarn is.. (which it is so not any more)

This is how it is supposed to look... Sigh...

My other problem:
I have begun knitting a bolero sort of top, out of the yarn I did not use for the cardigan.
Only problem is now, that there was not enough yarn, of the leftoveryarn, to finish...
So I need to unravel the cardigan and use some of that yarn, which is fine, except the yarn which I have used for the cardigan have changed...
So now I am confused..
Perhaps I should wash the bolero and see whether the yarn acts in the same way...
I guess that is the first step. And not before after that, can I determine what to do.

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  1. What a shame about your cardigan, you must be so disappointed, all that time spent knitting, and the yarn lets you down, that's terrible. I had a disaster with a dress I knitted a few months ago, it looked terrible on me, so I cut it in half and am going to knit the two pieces seperately, and get two dresses instead of one! Love Vanessa xxx