Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tea bag folding

Maybe you haven't heard off or seen it before
- I hope the above pictures give you a fair idea of what it is.

First, you take a teabag ( not the bag holding the actual tea, but the paperbag that holds said tea bag.. if you get my meaning..)
Make a cup of tea:)
Then you cut off the white edges.
Then it is really just about making squares - groups of 8 pieces.
And then, you can start to fold each piece, which you then glue together --> thus forming a star.

The result is often stars in some shape or other
- the picture in the lower left corner is a picture of the book I am using to try and learn how to fold teabags.
It can be rather tricky sometimes.. I am struggling with some of the stars...

It is very common to use the stars for cards - to glue onto cards..
I think it was pretty popular in the 90's..
I prefer them as ornament with ribbon so they can hang.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of some finished stars:)

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