Monday, 6 September 2010


Flower buds with raindropsA bit like I am feeling :) - on the verge on something big;)

Yesterday I was at my first meeting with my new psychiatrist - and I am SO excited!

Perhaps you need a bit of ground-info to get my drift..
  • First of all I am 21 years old.
  • In a month I have been sick with my 2. depression for 2 years
  • I am finally beginning to get a more normal day (before all I did was sleep because I was so misserable)
- because I am on some good meds
- have been getting some extra meds to help me get a normal circadian rhythm, and now I think I am almost there!
- Hard work, and persistence
-patient family and friends
  • Time, is always an important factor
  • Finally found out and accepted that I got socialfobia when I was a young teenager, and have been suffering from it ever since.
  • I have also finally stopped expecting a miracle - not that a miracle once in a while would not be nice:)
Which leads me to my point --> that I am FINALLY getting treatment for my socialfobia

HUGE relief:)

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