Monday, 4 October 2010

My mother pulling down wallpaper
 - in front, some flowers I found on a walk beside some fields, standing on a stepladder
My father fixing holes in the wall (there is a LOT of them), and again,
 in front, flowers from the road standing on a stepladder.
We are currently fixing up my grandmothers house.
I should probably mention that the house is from 1924, and my grandmother lived there 55 years!
My father and uncle own it, and wish to rent it out.
Only problem being, that is it pretty worse from wear!

So it is not just some simple painting that needs to be done.
with 13 rooms,
its a lot of work:

pulling down wall paper
fixing up the walls
fixing damped walls
pulling off carpets
fixing floor
painting walls
painting ceiling
sand down skirting boards
painting skirting boards

You get the drift..

So, needless to say,various members of the family spend a whole lot of their time on it!

But looking on the positive side of it
- It is amazing to see the transformation of the rooms (we are slowing actually getting to a point where we will be putting stuff up, instead of down)
- we spend a lot of time together, which is really nice:)

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