Friday, 9 December 2011

finished projects

 I have finished a project, but I will have to wait till after Christmas to show you...
It is kept in brownish colours
It was really rather fun doing this project, and I always like it when I learn something new.

Two much smaller projects finished.
I am really pleased with the pink one.. I will let you guess what it is;)

The kitty though was not too pleased with me disturbing her sleep!
I think I will soon have to play with her to avoid her ruining my furniture!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Picture of the kitty

 I felt I could not make another post without a picture, so I found this one

The is the kitty lying on my lap, in my new sofa. My laptop in front of me, while I am sewing in threads on a knitting project.
Awww does it get any cuter?!
A perfect evening in my world..

I will of course not mention any of the trouble she has been doing;)

December has come.
But where is my advent candle?! I gotta get myself one, or it simply will not be Christmas

Friday, 25 November 2011

poem for my mood

Life Is Fine by Langston Hughes
I went down to the river,
I sat down on the bank.
I tried to think but couldn't,
So I jumped in and sank.

I came up once and hollered!
I came up twice and cried!
If that water hadn't a-been so cold
I might've sunk and died.

But it was Cold in that water! It was cold!

I took the elevator
Sixteen floors above the ground.
I thought about my baby
And thought I would jump down.

I stood there and I hollered!
I stood there and I cried!
If it hadn't a-been so high
I might've jumped and died.

But it was High up there! It was high!

So since I'm still here livin',
I guess I will live on.
I could've died for love--
But for livin' I was born

Though you may hear me holler,
And you may see me cry--
I'll be dogged, sweet baby,
If you gonna see me die.

Life is fine! Fine as wine! Life is fine!

I am busy doing nothing and everything at the same time
But so happy that Christmas with all its charm an joy is on its way:)
Just thought I would share one of the only poems I actually like and know!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kitchen update

 Yes, my kitchen is light purple :)

I am soooooo excited - to put it mildly
All I wanna do is giggle and twirl around myself ( oh and hum, and sing and laugh)

It's going to be f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c when I finally get a living room I can be in, and a kitchen I can actually cook in!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

out for a walk

Out for a walk

Friday, 28 October 2011

striped double scarf

I have finally gotten around to finishing, and giving the scarf I made for my brother last christmas!

It is a scarf knitted on the round for thickness, and with lots of colour in the design.
The large stripes are knitted like stranded knitting. The result is not fantastic, but it was only my second time trying stranded knitting. So I guess it is ok.
I did have trouble getting enough yarn, because I made it from my head - I didn't know how much yarn to get, and when I realised I wanted it to get longer, I couldn't get any of the yarn. Lesson learned ;)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Sometimes I just want to share the pain I am in
Sometimes I wish one of my legs was broken instead
Sometimes I want to give up
Sometimes I just want to throw with things
Sometimes I think I can't stand it any more
Sometimes I want to cry for help, but instead I try and forget it
Sometimes I think sleeping is my only way through it
Sometimes I forget to hope
Me depressed, nah, what are you talking about;)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

finished projects

 I went for a trip at my parents, with my kitty last weekend.

And it was goood
Which is a rather rare thing for me to say, so please, do notice it!
Having been depressed and having social phobia for several years - I haven't been able to enjoy many things. I haven't enjoyed anything to tell you the truth...
But I sure did enjoy being at my parents (though me kitty did not so much enjoy herself, but that is another story)

I took the time while being down there to take some pictures of finished projects.
The below pictures shows my favorite projects - for myself.

Perfect aren't they?!

I will now go out and sand down some walls in my kitchen!!
I totally got a kitchen soon by the way!
I am so excited!

Friday, 21 October 2011

fun little garland

 Newspaper, watercolours,a scissor, assorted large beads and some strings
a fun little garland

Here is the finished result.
Well, one is supposed to sorta spread it all out on the string, in whatever length you want it.

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Kitty and me taking a nap
- and of course she has to lie on my legs, which of course makes it impossible for me to move..
all day long;)

oh and the "cat" you see in the background is my old,old teddybear.
Damn I feel a bit foolish that it is in the picture;)
Oh well.
Her name is Trille, after one of our first cats.
I got her while we lived in Thailand many years ago.
I remember at first I didn't notice her whiskers, until one day I did notice it, and cut them off!
Because I couldn't remember anything about cats having whiskers.. ..;)
(we did not have a cat when we lived in Thailand)

Monday, 3 October 2011


I have been prettifying some tops

It was rather fun, and I am rather content with the result!
Going to start in a yoga-class today
I hope I like it

Thursday, 29 September 2011

new yarn and projects

My mother brought most of her yarn stash - yeah:)

  I said I wanted to start on more project, and so I have.
This being the start of a pair of mittens, with several new stuff I have learned

Another project
thought I tried a new way to knit, while knitting together with something already knitted..
Well, it did not turn out to well, as you can see.

These two are of course not the only things I am working on
- another pair of potholders
-a pair of legwarmers in fair isle-kinda knit
-crocheted flags

My mood have been pretty low lately, and I have once again fucked up my sleeping rhythm. 
Meaning, that I now sleep during the day and am awake throughout the night
(which is way boring by the way!)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

 Cables on legwarmers
Only working on 2 knitting projects at the moment, 
I feel the urge to start at least two more,
so that I have the usual 5 different in the works;)

 Been out shopping with my mom
And found this vintage dress for a reasonable price, 
and it looks rather stunning on me if I say so myself.

My mother has agreed to knit me a cuddly cardigan for my christmas present!
So we went to pick the yarn, and ohhh such lovely qualities of yarn there is.
But at the end we found this, also to a reasonable price.

I find it very sad that yarn is so expensive, if it wasn't,
I certainly would have much more knitted clothes in my closet!

Thursday, 8 September 2011


!You gotta love it!

 I have no water glasses, but I found these 8, last Saturday.
They are thin and elegant.

 A pot for one of my orcids
And some yarn, called creppe-yarn - which my mother remembers from her youth. Pretty funny.

Annnd my mother brought me flowers from their garden:)


Thursday, 1 September 2011

some finished projects and a floral wall

 Finally a picture of my flower-wall in my bedroom.
All of the flowers are different, none are perfect - but is that not indeed, what makes it all the more perfect?!

Finished projects.
All projects I have been almost done with for some time, but yesterday I finally did the last details.

The green ( in reality it is much more green, but somehow the camera would not capture it), is a crocheted belt.
The top red, is a pair of wristwarmers made from an old pair of wristwarmers 
- to make them longer and just better
The bottom piece is my cousins birthday gift, I have now finally finished.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

I am back!

After a week of resting my left hand and arm, I am finally, finally sitting and knitting:)
I did a tiny happy-dance when I walked to my knitting basket to pick up a project!
Sigh, it is quite wonderful.

I often complain of pains in my muscles,
and last week I knew I had to rest my arms/hands because I was pretty close to getting tendinitis.
So going home on weekend at my parents, I brought no knitting project.
Only to find myself completely bored!

But then I decided to try my hands on pickling!
The above picture shows the result
(though the glasses with tomatoes still needed to go into the oven)
Definitely not the last time I do that.

Then Sunday, I was still bored.
What to do, what to do
So I started cutting hedges and such in my parents garden.
And - I cut down a small tree all by myself :)
totally cool

So when going home to my parents I had all the intentions of resting my hands so I would not loose knitting time during the week
and instead ended up with tendinitis in my left arm, just because I couldn't sit still!

See that's irony

Sunday, 14 August 2011


I have been tidying up in all of my stuff - which is quite a lot!
sorting, and trowing out.
I like to collect things, not in a crazy way or anything, but things do have the knack of stocking up in the back of some closet or in a box(or several..) hidden away somewhere - just in case you might need it some day!
--> Which of course in most cases, just never happen!

So back in reality I have been looking trough my creative stock, and throwing out stuff I just will never use.
The problem being that I really do use most of the things I got...
But some clothes I will never get around to fix, old-started projects I do not feel anything for, and craft supplies I do not use - have gone bye bye.

And it feels good:)

Oh, and Selma was very obliging and accepted me putting cut-up shiny nylon ribbon all over her and lay calmly for at least 40 seconds so I could take some snaps! :)
-but then of course it was just too tempting with fun shiny stuff all around her!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

My mother and I went to the local thrift market, to buy a night table for my bedroom.
We got that, 30 kr (5,74 usd) , but then we also found the chair and the small dresser,
250 kr (47,87 usd) on the above picture.
I am going to upholster the chair and perhaps paint it, and I am also going to fix up the night table.
- But not before the apartment is done though.

I have been trying my hands on something like patchwork the last couple of days.
I have never really liked patchwork, but I think perhaps it is growing a bit on me..
I am also crocheting strings in colours to thigh up my curtains.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

scarf try

scarf front and back

I have had some low mood this week, so I have mostly been intoxicating myself with far too much TV.
( in order to avoid feeling anything)
Which haven't helped much, but at least some days have passed without too much pain
At some point I will have to sit down and figure out why I feel bad right now, but I think I might just push it a bit more time..

I have however, started a new knitting project - the scarf on the picture above.
On the part you see,
I have tried my hands on color knitting and purl/knit-pattern at the same time.
I really like the result on the front, but the back looks,
well as it always does when you use more yarns..
Which is fine on something where you cannot see the back.
But in this case as a scarf I am not sure I like the result..

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

update on kitchen, we are on our way - slowly

This, is my kitchen floor.

Top picture: The kitchen before pulling up the floor
Bottom picture: The kitchen floor after everything is off
(linoleum, tons of stables, levelling stuff, and of course the main floor - what you see on the picture is only laying there loosely so we have something to step on to)

Tomorrow new floorboards will be put on - straight ones!
Then we will be putting linoleum on again at some point to make it easier to clean.
(We have fixed the floors in bedroom and livingroom and given it lacquer, but already now we can see a lot of wear :( )

Friday, 22 July 2011

just now

We are having some odd summer weather here in Denmark.
But I must confess that I do not at all mind it. To tell the truth I am perfectly happy with it.
I am not very fond of heat, and always find it completely intolerable.
In heat I change as a person. I become low tempered, angry and generally unfit to be with other. Not at all a nice thing.

So a cup of tea and a spot of rain any day if you ask me! ;)

So far I am very pleased with the summer.
My cousin Anne came to visit and brought a homemade cake, of which I have been dreaming about for ages! (because of my non existing oven to bake such heavenly things in!)

Pure joy

The rest of the summer I also have reason to look forward to.
Because at the end of the summer, I might actually have a functioning beautiful kitchen of my own!
Which means my family will be in here working most of the time to finish said kitchen. So not much for me to get into bad habits!
My cellphone is also back in working order - sorta... (Little tip just for you: always, close the lit on bottles which you carry in the same bag as your cellphone!)

Happy summer

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I have started on my birthday gift for my cousin
( I gave her the balls of yarn for the project with a promise of making a cowl for her..)
I am rather happy with how it is turning out!

My sweetypie in the windowsill by my herbs:)
Sometimes I just get so bloody bored!
As now.
I try to fill my days with sensible and enjoyable things, but sometimes my mood makes it a very difficult thing indeed!

On such days I am forever thankful for having such a sweet companion as Selma.
She sure is good entertainment!
But the thing I do the most on such days, is really to sleep
- which when I think of it, is such a waste of time!

What do you do when you are bored out of your wits?!

Well, I will kiss my cat a bit, and see if I cannot find something amusing to do..

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hollyhock the day after the crazy weather
What a weather we have had here in Copenhagen!
I am one of the few that was lucky and didn't get any rain on my attic or in my basement!

But, yes there is a but

Instead I found that my my kitchen wall and ceiling were leaking from the rain
- not a good thing.
Fortunately we have not yet started on the kitchen so we have time to figure out some sort of a solution.. but still, it sorta sucks big time!

knobs for my bedroom closet
My father is showing me how to use the drill when putting them on - how handy I am getting!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

This is 4 different (really 5, there is an extra, but it is a duplicate of one of the other) front-pillow covers, that I at some point started on - But never really got around to finish.

They are good enough but I really have enough pillow covers, and they do not really match my decorating.
--But it just seems wrong to through them out!--

Cannot figure whether it is a good idea to tuck them away somewhere and then find them in some years, or not..

List of current projects
Cowl for me
Cowl for my cousin
My crochet blanket
Grey shawl
Finishing painting flowers on bedroom wall
Curtains for living room
Embroidery on redish cardigan
Purple cardigan

--> These are projects that I am all working on right now in between each other

--> I have many more projects that are waiting to be finished

I am starting to feel a bit stressed!

Feeling a bit better than last I wrote, but I am still feeling really low

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mood update

Things are in a bit of a knot a the moment.
Pretty much living hell, and I sorta hate it!

Everything is at a standstill.
I feel like nothing except sleeping and forgetting.

I haven't got at picture to follow this post, which normally I am a very strong believer of.
So sorry about that, nothing really interesting to report from here..

Luckily I have my tiny companion to , well accompany me, in this dreaded mood.
I hope you all have something that makes your hell-days bearable.

I will now go and hug my cat - whether she wants it or not;)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The morning of the 25th year

Silver Wedding

Tuesday the 14/6 was the 25th year of my parents wedding.

In Denmark we celebrate it by, coming for morning tea at the bride and grooms house.
People arrive about 7 and gather in front of the house where they start the day by singing some songs "to wake up the couple"
Then the couple greets the guest in their morning clothes and thanks for the songs, and invite people inside for the already prepared tables

..Neighbors and perhaps family stands for something else..
Which is what the following pictures will take you trough.

The making of the shield

This was what my brother and I stood for.
My brother handled the woodthing, and I handled the painting of it.
The colours are not quite right in this picture, but you get the point

The day before the actual day, my brother and I, my uncle and aunt and several from the village gathered to make the gates.

Wooded boards covered with fir and tons of flowers!
And then some flags.

This it the gate at the main door + the shield me and my brother made
My parents!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Today I decided to tidy up in my drawers
And ohh my, I got a lot of unfinished projects!

Did find these two.
They are a try on freehand embroidery - clouds..
I did them without using a frame, and as you can see on the pictures the fabric is all streched ect.
They have gone into the bin.
Instead I will work on some of my other many projects.

For some reason the computer wont show the pictures from the right angle, sorry

Thursday, 2 June 2011

knitting and musclepain

I have often complained about pains in my muscles.
And now they are back, again

But you know how it is, if you are working on a interesting project, it is just so hard to take breaks form it!

My latest project
A cowl knitted with 2 yarns, in a flower pattern I found on ravelry

It is the third time I try color-knitting, and this time I feel like I might just be getting the hang of it
The back side of the knitting is so much better than I have ever done before.

It seems that when you are depressed and have anxiety, you automatically get tense.
So if you walk around almost constantly a bit nervous or stressed, your body will react naturally, by making your body ready for danger
- which it does, by tensing up, so you are ready to act quickly if anything should happen.

This knowledge comforts me a bit,
at least that means that my knitting-career is not over before it has really begun!
Though I should probably just chill a bit sometimes,
and perhaps remember to do some yoga...

So I promise I will take a break... in five minutes.... or perhaps 10..