Saturday, 29 January 2011

my new apartment

Or should I say: "My OLD apartment" (considering the state of it)

Here are some pictures of it anyways
(I finally found my camera, or rather my mother did at their house - so happily united:) )
Ikea, romantic, old fashion handles
Will be fitted with a brand new kitchen with everything that entails.
Will be put up by workmen to make it go faster.

modern, tiles all over
A brand new bathroom will be put up also by workmen.

One of the rooms we are doing ourself.
In a very poor condition!

Also doing ourself.
A bit better condition than bedroom, but everything need at least double work.
It is so worn down.
On the picture you can see I have plastered most of the unevenness of the walls..
How on earth the walls in the first place came to be so uneven, I have no idea.

Tiny extra room by the kitchen for storage
above picture before we fixed it, below picture after we fixed it.
It took ages to get this room white!!

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