Wednesday, 2 February 2011

stencils for living room

One of my ideas for my new apartment, is to have flowers painted on one of the walls in the living room.
At first I considered wallpaper to make it easier for myself.. But I honestly cannot afford it.

Instead I am going to use stencils.
I have used 3 different pictures of flowers from the internet and drawn over them.
Then I collected the motive I wanted, and after I made drawings for the 2 stencils I am going to use.

Above piture:
The motive. Will be painted in white, pink, blue, and grey colour variationspicture above:
The white and blue work stencil

above picture:
dark work stencil

I still need to actually turn them into stencils by cutting out the shape on some cardboard.
and it will probably be a good idea to test them, just to see if the holes are big enough, and to see how much the motive change by using an other technique.

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