Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What a mess
What a mess x 100
This wall is going down, so my kitchen can get a big bigger!

I am not much creative at the moment.
Most of my time is used thinking about the apartment or working on it.

Today I did cut trough my nail when I was cooking for myself, thank God the nail was there;)

But I like to finish projects at the moment, so I have been fixing some holes in different projects.


  1. Kære Sofie,
    Sikke noget med din finger, pas nu på et der ikke går betændelse i den.
    Er håndværkerne gået i gang med badeværelset?

    Vi glæder os til at se lejligheden når den er klar til fremvisning.

    Kærlig hilsen

    Mormor og Morfar

  2. Ouch! Lucky the nail was there indeed.
    I do hope you get it all done soon and get on with some fun stuff.