Wednesday, 30 March 2011

things I have learned

Sewed 2 shopping bags for myself, I am now very proud to be carrying my groceries home from the store.

Things I have learnt from fixing up a apartment:
  • Always if hiring workmen, make a (technical) drawing to show where everything is supposed to go, measures ect.
  • Make sure to pop by once in a while to check up on their work/communicate, just to be sure..
  • If sanding raw wood, please wear thick gloves, to avoid all of the wood ending up in your hands/fingers
  • Always anticipate more time and more money spent on the project, than you first think
  • Just to be sure, do cover up floors, handles, doors and such things you might just get in the near hood of with paint
  • If painting with oil-paint consider wearing plastic gloves (at least if you are as clumsy as me..)
  • Make sure things you do not want paint on, are securely hidden away beneath lots of covering ( once upon a time, I too had pants with no paint on..)

--Before my apartment is done, I am sure I will have learned many more useful lessons--

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


We were out to get supplies for the apartment the other day - mens work obviously;)
All of these planks + more are waiting for me to paint them! Plenty to do.

Lots of thoughts going through my head.
Having a hard time relaxing enough to sleep.
Constantly exhausted, but somehow keep on going..

First flower in the apartment! + Good weather --> exhausting, but good day

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lampshade from leftover yarn

Lampshade done!
At first I imagined it should be completely covered with yarn, with no holes.
But it turned out to be really hard to do.
So a couple of days ago I decided to use a bit more yarn on it, and then be done with it.
And it really does look rather pretty when it is turned on with the reddish colours.
So I am satisfied.

My mood is not so good,
I am working hard on why I cannot get out of my bed, and think I have actually come to a point where I understand why I can not - and that is the first step towards improvement.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

One pillowcover done

I am working on some new pillow covers for my new sofa, that I will get when I finally move
- sigh
(went to the apartment today, and there is a loonng way to go!)

I made the pillow cover on an old light blue one with a zipper..
I started out by constructing a new front from the fabric of an old shirt and an embroidery I found in a thrift store.
Then I sewed it on to the existing pillowcase, and added the fringe with chainstich in a cool colour;)

Rather happy about it!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

....I am not sure what to write about....
Tons of things are happening at the moment, but the same time, so little.
I have bad days and better days
Things are changing, but I feel like I cannot keep up