Wednesday, 30 March 2011

things I have learned

Sewed 2 shopping bags for myself, I am now very proud to be carrying my groceries home from the store.

Things I have learnt from fixing up a apartment:
  • Always if hiring workmen, make a (technical) drawing to show where everything is supposed to go, measures ect.
  • Make sure to pop by once in a while to check up on their work/communicate, just to be sure..
  • If sanding raw wood, please wear thick gloves, to avoid all of the wood ending up in your hands/fingers
  • Always anticipate more time and more money spent on the project, than you first think
  • Just to be sure, do cover up floors, handles, doors and such things you might just get in the near hood of with paint
  • If painting with oil-paint consider wearing plastic gloves (at least if you are as clumsy as me..)
  • Make sure things you do not want paint on, are securely hidden away beneath lots of covering ( once upon a time, I too had pants with no paint on..)

--Before my apartment is done, I am sure I will have learned many more useful lessons--

1 comment:

  1. I know what you are talking over my life I've been moving and construction of new areas in my home. I learned all these rules the hard way. Lol.