Sunday, 29 May 2011

curtains in the making

I have bought some basic sand-colored curtains from IKEA, and are now in the process of personalizing them .
They were originally with double fabric, but I cut of one of the sheets, to make the curtains more light and see trough.
Then I cut off a meter of the ends (they were full-length curtains).
And then...
I started pinning on doilies and such beauties,
though only on the edges of the curtains which meets each other in the windows. (if you understand..)

So far I am very pleased with it!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

update and a companion

My bedroom wall
I have by the use of stencils come to this point, later by hand I will add details

what do you see?!
My new cat finding it very interesting to watch my mother sanding down a bookcase

My father trying to fit up what ever those things are called that frame the door... ehm..

Meet Selma

My new cat, 7 months old, a she, tiny for her age, very affectionate, very trusty and very tolerant

..I bought her at a catshelter 3 days ago..
Right now she is lying in my lap completely relaxed, with a slight purr coming from her

I see happy days ahead for me - us