Saturday, 21 May 2011

update and a companion

My bedroom wall
I have by the use of stencils come to this point, later by hand I will add details

what do you see?!
My new cat finding it very interesting to watch my mother sanding down a bookcase

My father trying to fit up what ever those things are called that frame the door... ehm..

Meet Selma

My new cat, 7 months old, a she, tiny for her age, very affectionate, very trusty and very tolerant

..I bought her at a catshelter 3 days ago..
Right now she is lying in my lap completely relaxed, with a slight purr coming from her

I see happy days ahead for me - us


  1. Selma is SO ADORABLE!!! What big and beautiful eyes!!

  2. Kære Sofie,

    Til lykke med Selma, hun ser rigtig sød ud.

    Vi glæder os til at se din lejlighed når den er helt færdig, ja også gerne før.

    Kærlig hilsen
    Mormor og morfar