Tuesday, 28 June 2011

This is 4 different (really 5, there is an extra, but it is a duplicate of one of the other) front-pillow covers, that I at some point started on - But never really got around to finish.

They are good enough but I really have enough pillow covers, and they do not really match my decorating.
--But it just seems wrong to through them out!--

Cannot figure whether it is a good idea to tuck them away somewhere and then find them in some years, or not..

List of current projects
Cowl for me
Cowl for my cousin
My crochet blanket
Grey shawl
Finishing painting flowers on bedroom wall
Curtains for living room
Embroidery on redish cardigan
Purple cardigan

--> These are projects that I am all working on right now in between each other

--> I have many more projects that are waiting to be finished

I am starting to feel a bit stressed!

Feeling a bit better than last I wrote, but I am still feeling really low

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mood update

Things are in a bit of a knot a the moment.
Pretty much living hell, and I sorta hate it!

Everything is at a standstill.
I feel like nothing except sleeping and forgetting.

I haven't got at picture to follow this post, which normally I am a very strong believer of.
So sorry about that, nothing really interesting to report from here..

Luckily I have my tiny companion to , well accompany me, in this dreaded mood.
I hope you all have something that makes your hell-days bearable.

I will now go and hug my cat - whether she wants it or not;)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The morning of the 25th year

Silver Wedding

Tuesday the 14/6 was the 25th year of my parents wedding.

In Denmark we celebrate it by, coming for morning tea at the bride and grooms house.
People arrive about 7 and gather in front of the house where they start the day by singing some songs "to wake up the couple"
Then the couple greets the guest in their morning clothes and thanks for the songs, and invite people inside for the already prepared tables

..Neighbors and perhaps family stands for something else..
Which is what the following pictures will take you trough.

The making of the shield

This was what my brother and I stood for.
My brother handled the woodthing, and I handled the painting of it.
The colours are not quite right in this picture, but you get the point

The day before the actual day, my brother and I, my uncle and aunt and several from the village gathered to make the gates.

Wooded boards covered with fir and tons of flowers!
And then some flags.

This it the gate at the main door + the shield me and my brother made
My parents!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Today I decided to tidy up in my drawers
And ohh my, I got a lot of unfinished projects!

Did find these two.
They are a try on freehand embroidery - clouds..
I did them without using a frame, and as you can see on the pictures the fabric is all streched ect.
They have gone into the bin.
Instead I will work on some of my other many projects.

For some reason the computer wont show the pictures from the right angle, sorry

Thursday, 2 June 2011

knitting and musclepain

I have often complained about pains in my muscles.
And now they are back, again

But you know how it is, if you are working on a interesting project, it is just so hard to take breaks form it!

My latest project
A cowl knitted with 2 yarns, in a flower pattern I found on ravelry

It is the third time I try color-knitting, and this time I feel like I might just be getting the hang of it
The back side of the knitting is so much better than I have ever done before.

It seems that when you are depressed and have anxiety, you automatically get tense.
So if you walk around almost constantly a bit nervous or stressed, your body will react naturally, by making your body ready for danger
- which it does, by tensing up, so you are ready to act quickly if anything should happen.

This knowledge comforts me a bit,
at least that means that my knitting-career is not over before it has really begun!
Though I should probably just chill a bit sometimes,
and perhaps remember to do some yoga...

So I promise I will take a break... in five minutes.... or perhaps 10..