Thursday, 2 June 2011

knitting and musclepain

I have often complained about pains in my muscles.
And now they are back, again

But you know how it is, if you are working on a interesting project, it is just so hard to take breaks form it!

My latest project
A cowl knitted with 2 yarns, in a flower pattern I found on ravelry

It is the third time I try color-knitting, and this time I feel like I might just be getting the hang of it
The back side of the knitting is so much better than I have ever done before.

It seems that when you are depressed and have anxiety, you automatically get tense.
So if you walk around almost constantly a bit nervous or stressed, your body will react naturally, by making your body ready for danger
- which it does, by tensing up, so you are ready to act quickly if anything should happen.

This knowledge comforts me a bit,
at least that means that my knitting-career is not over before it has really begun!
Though I should probably just chill a bit sometimes,
and perhaps remember to do some yoga...

So I promise I will take a break... in five minutes.... or perhaps 10..

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