Tuesday, 28 June 2011

This is 4 different (really 5, there is an extra, but it is a duplicate of one of the other) front-pillow covers, that I at some point started on - But never really got around to finish.

They are good enough but I really have enough pillow covers, and they do not really match my decorating.
--But it just seems wrong to through them out!--

Cannot figure whether it is a good idea to tuck them away somewhere and then find them in some years, or not..

List of current projects
Cowl for me
Cowl for my cousin
My crochet blanket
Grey shawl
Finishing painting flowers on bedroom wall
Curtains for living room
Embroidery on redish cardigan
Purple cardigan

--> These are projects that I am all working on right now in between each other

--> I have many more projects that are waiting to be finished

I am starting to feel a bit stressed!

Feeling a bit better than last I wrote, but I am still feeling really low

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