Wednesday, 27 July 2011

update on kitchen, we are on our way - slowly

This, is my kitchen floor.

Top picture: The kitchen before pulling up the floor
Bottom picture: The kitchen floor after everything is off
(linoleum, tons of stables, levelling stuff, and of course the main floor - what you see on the picture is only laying there loosely so we have something to step on to)

Tomorrow new floorboards will be put on - straight ones!
Then we will be putting linoleum on again at some point to make it easier to clean.
(We have fixed the floors in bedroom and livingroom and given it lacquer, but already now we can see a lot of wear :( )

Friday, 22 July 2011

just now

We are having some odd summer weather here in Denmark.
But I must confess that I do not at all mind it. To tell the truth I am perfectly happy with it.
I am not very fond of heat, and always find it completely intolerable.
In heat I change as a person. I become low tempered, angry and generally unfit to be with other. Not at all a nice thing.

So a cup of tea and a spot of rain any day if you ask me! ;)

So far I am very pleased with the summer.
My cousin Anne came to visit and brought a homemade cake, of which I have been dreaming about for ages! (because of my non existing oven to bake such heavenly things in!)

Pure joy

The rest of the summer I also have reason to look forward to.
Because at the end of the summer, I might actually have a functioning beautiful kitchen of my own!
Which means my family will be in here working most of the time to finish said kitchen. So not much for me to get into bad habits!
My cellphone is also back in working order - sorta... (Little tip just for you: always, close the lit on bottles which you carry in the same bag as your cellphone!)

Happy summer

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I have started on my birthday gift for my cousin
( I gave her the balls of yarn for the project with a promise of making a cowl for her..)
I am rather happy with how it is turning out!

My sweetypie in the windowsill by my herbs:)
Sometimes I just get so bloody bored!
As now.
I try to fill my days with sensible and enjoyable things, but sometimes my mood makes it a very difficult thing indeed!

On such days I am forever thankful for having such a sweet companion as Selma.
She sure is good entertainment!
But the thing I do the most on such days, is really to sleep
- which when I think of it, is such a waste of time!

What do you do when you are bored out of your wits?!

Well, I will kiss my cat a bit, and see if I cannot find something amusing to do..

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hollyhock the day after the crazy weather
What a weather we have had here in Copenhagen!
I am one of the few that was lucky and didn't get any rain on my attic or in my basement!

But, yes there is a but

Instead I found that my my kitchen wall and ceiling were leaking from the rain
- not a good thing.
Fortunately we have not yet started on the kitchen so we have time to figure out some sort of a solution.. but still, it sorta sucks big time!

knobs for my bedroom closet
My father is showing me how to use the drill when putting them on - how handy I am getting!