Sunday, 28 August 2011

I am back!

After a week of resting my left hand and arm, I am finally, finally sitting and knitting:)
I did a tiny happy-dance when I walked to my knitting basket to pick up a project!
Sigh, it is quite wonderful.

I often complain of pains in my muscles,
and last week I knew I had to rest my arms/hands because I was pretty close to getting tendinitis.
So going home on weekend at my parents, I brought no knitting project.
Only to find myself completely bored!

But then I decided to try my hands on pickling!
The above picture shows the result
(though the glasses with tomatoes still needed to go into the oven)
Definitely not the last time I do that.

Then Sunday, I was still bored.
What to do, what to do
So I started cutting hedges and such in my parents garden.
And - I cut down a small tree all by myself :)
totally cool

So when going home to my parents I had all the intentions of resting my hands so I would not loose knitting time during the week
and instead ended up with tendinitis in my left arm, just because I couldn't sit still!

See that's irony

Sunday, 14 August 2011


I have been tidying up in all of my stuff - which is quite a lot!
sorting, and trowing out.
I like to collect things, not in a crazy way or anything, but things do have the knack of stocking up in the back of some closet or in a box(or several..) hidden away somewhere - just in case you might need it some day!
--> Which of course in most cases, just never happen!

So back in reality I have been looking trough my creative stock, and throwing out stuff I just will never use.
The problem being that I really do use most of the things I got...
But some clothes I will never get around to fix, old-started projects I do not feel anything for, and craft supplies I do not use - have gone bye bye.

And it feels good:)

Oh, and Selma was very obliging and accepted me putting cut-up shiny nylon ribbon all over her and lay calmly for at least 40 seconds so I could take some snaps! :)
-but then of course it was just too tempting with fun shiny stuff all around her!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

My mother and I went to the local thrift market, to buy a night table for my bedroom.
We got that, 30 kr (5,74 usd) , but then we also found the chair and the small dresser,
250 kr (47,87 usd) on the above picture.
I am going to upholster the chair and perhaps paint it, and I am also going to fix up the night table.
- But not before the apartment is done though.

I have been trying my hands on something like patchwork the last couple of days.
I have never really liked patchwork, but I think perhaps it is growing a bit on me..
I am also crocheting strings in colours to thigh up my curtains.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

scarf try

scarf front and back

I have had some low mood this week, so I have mostly been intoxicating myself with far too much TV.
( in order to avoid feeling anything)
Which haven't helped much, but at least some days have passed without too much pain
At some point I will have to sit down and figure out why I feel bad right now, but I think I might just push it a bit more time..

I have however, started a new knitting project - the scarf on the picture above.
On the part you see,
I have tried my hands on color knitting and purl/knit-pattern at the same time.
I really like the result on the front, but the back looks,
well as it always does when you use more yarns..
Which is fine on something where you cannot see the back.
But in this case as a scarf I am not sure I like the result..