Sunday, 28 August 2011

I am back!

After a week of resting my left hand and arm, I am finally, finally sitting and knitting:)
I did a tiny happy-dance when I walked to my knitting basket to pick up a project!
Sigh, it is quite wonderful.

I often complain of pains in my muscles,
and last week I knew I had to rest my arms/hands because I was pretty close to getting tendinitis.
So going home on weekend at my parents, I brought no knitting project.
Only to find myself completely bored!

But then I decided to try my hands on pickling!
The above picture shows the result
(though the glasses with tomatoes still needed to go into the oven)
Definitely not the last time I do that.

Then Sunday, I was still bored.
What to do, what to do
So I started cutting hedges and such in my parents garden.
And - I cut down a small tree all by myself :)
totally cool

So when going home to my parents I had all the intentions of resting my hands so I would not loose knitting time during the week
and instead ended up with tendinitis in my left arm, just because I couldn't sit still!

See that's irony

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