Thursday, 4 August 2011

scarf try

scarf front and back

I have had some low mood this week, so I have mostly been intoxicating myself with far too much TV.
( in order to avoid feeling anything)
Which haven't helped much, but at least some days have passed without too much pain
At some point I will have to sit down and figure out why I feel bad right now, but I think I might just push it a bit more time..

I have however, started a new knitting project - the scarf on the picture above.
On the part you see,
I have tried my hands on color knitting and purl/knit-pattern at the same time.
I really like the result on the front, but the back looks,
well as it always does when you use more yarns..
Which is fine on something where you cannot see the back.
But in this case as a scarf I am not sure I like the result..

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