Sunday, 14 August 2011


I have been tidying up in all of my stuff - which is quite a lot!
sorting, and trowing out.
I like to collect things, not in a crazy way or anything, but things do have the knack of stocking up in the back of some closet or in a box(or several..) hidden away somewhere - just in case you might need it some day!
--> Which of course in most cases, just never happen!

So back in reality I have been looking trough my creative stock, and throwing out stuff I just will never use.
The problem being that I really do use most of the things I got...
But some clothes I will never get around to fix, old-started projects I do not feel anything for, and craft supplies I do not use - have gone bye bye.

And it feels good:)

Oh, and Selma was very obliging and accepted me putting cut-up shiny nylon ribbon all over her and lay calmly for at least 40 seconds so I could take some snaps! :)
-but then of course it was just too tempting with fun shiny stuff all around her!

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