Thursday, 29 September 2011

new yarn and projects

My mother brought most of her yarn stash - yeah:)

  I said I wanted to start on more project, and so I have.
This being the start of a pair of mittens, with several new stuff I have learned

Another project
thought I tried a new way to knit, while knitting together with something already knitted..
Well, it did not turn out to well, as you can see.

These two are of course not the only things I am working on
- another pair of potholders
-a pair of legwarmers in fair isle-kinda knit
-crocheted flags

My mood have been pretty low lately, and I have once again fucked up my sleeping rhythm. 
Meaning, that I now sleep during the day and am awake throughout the night
(which is way boring by the way!)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

 Cables on legwarmers
Only working on 2 knitting projects at the moment, 
I feel the urge to start at least two more,
so that I have the usual 5 different in the works;)

 Been out shopping with my mom
And found this vintage dress for a reasonable price, 
and it looks rather stunning on me if I say so myself.

My mother has agreed to knit me a cuddly cardigan for my christmas present!
So we went to pick the yarn, and ohhh such lovely qualities of yarn there is.
But at the end we found this, also to a reasonable price.

I find it very sad that yarn is so expensive, if it wasn't,
I certainly would have much more knitted clothes in my closet!

Thursday, 8 September 2011


!You gotta love it!

 I have no water glasses, but I found these 8, last Saturday.
They are thin and elegant.

 A pot for one of my orcids
And some yarn, called creppe-yarn - which my mother remembers from her youth. Pretty funny.

Annnd my mother brought me flowers from their garden:)


Thursday, 1 September 2011

some finished projects and a floral wall

 Finally a picture of my flower-wall in my bedroom.
All of the flowers are different, none are perfect - but is that not indeed, what makes it all the more perfect?!

Finished projects.
All projects I have been almost done with for some time, but yesterday I finally did the last details.

The green ( in reality it is much more green, but somehow the camera would not capture it), is a crocheted belt.
The top red, is a pair of wristwarmers made from an old pair of wristwarmers 
- to make them longer and just better
The bottom piece is my cousins birthday gift, I have now finally finished.